Brother Nathanael, telling it as it is.

Well worth a look, for our researchers: 

Remove USURY/Fractional Reserve Banking, job done, it’s as simple as that, but how do we achieve this? 

Methinks that we should expand upon our internet activities.

Yes the establishment monitor this blog.

As well they should. 😉 We are going to remove them, by hook or by crook.


Thanks Anon. for the link. 

To be continued.


11 thoughts on “Brother Nathanael, telling it as it is.

  1. Anonymous

    Heard the latest chuzpah? Jewish "researchers" and the "Holocaust" museum in Israel have announced that they have discovered over 40,000 previously unknown "death camps" were operating in wartime Europe and the Jewish deaths have know increased from six million to TWENTY MILLION!!!!!! The question that must be asked by any remotely innteligent person is how can there have been 20 million Jews in wartime Europe? this means there were more Jews than non-jew Europeans in europe!!!!!! AND WHERE ARE THE MASS GRAVES? if they were supposedly burned to ash (impossible) then the ash containing bone fragments AND DNA will be just under the top soil around these "new" camps.It was recently announced on the news that the newly discovered grave of Richard the 3rd had been identified by DNA and this grave was hundreds of years old,so testing graves thatare only 71 years old (the holohoax was supposed to have begun in 1942) should be easy. But of course we wont see a proper forensic investigation will we? The gullible brainwashed Goyim will be expected to just sit there and believe this latest fairy tle with no questions asked-the problem is a lot of the fools will do just that! One more thought-will people who believe ONLY the six million dead jews story NOW BE PROSECUTED FOR NOT BELIEVING 20 MILLION JEWS DIED???!!!P.S-this new figure means a LOT of "Holocaust" literature is going to have to be rewritten!!!David Hayes sore toe

  2. Anonymous

    Israelis love the peace process, but achieving peace is not their goal’

  3. Anonymous

    The people of Iceland have demonstrated what citizens of all nations should do:Reject the fraudulent idea that debts perpetrated by capitalist leaders should be borne by "the people"Arrest and convict capitalist leaders who commit political and economic crimesNegate fraudulent mortgage debt created by capitalist criminals (April, 2012)


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