You aren’t welcome. It’s as simple as that. Nick Lowles.

Well said that man.

We here at G.W. have been attacked by Shitelight and those of their ilk.  :

Nick Lowles and Nick Griffin, now there is a subject to look up, for serious researchers.  ;-)

Keep up the good work everyone.



18 thoughts on “You aren’t welcome. It’s as simple as that. Nick Lowles.

  1. Anonymous

    Lowles and that weirdo who must think he's Charles 'Deathwish' Bronson were obviously handed a free pass on this one then they go and give it the big one about how they leafletted elsewhere, what a bunch of twats, they fail to grasp that the point of this was to highlight their lack of backbone and crumbling when faced with the reality of having to engage with those they ACTUALLY attack in their state-sanctioned rags!Lowles has now made it permissable (for those who may be so inclined)to not be so gratious and show them what facing the consequences of their actions really mean.

  2. Anonymous

    Griffin Watch said… If you published a comment and it hasn't appeared please submit it again, I deleted a relevant comment by accident, apologies.Sean.7 March 2013 16:12~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Must've been the comment I was going into great detail of the kuntishness of the cast-iron khunt Camoron and his sidekick bumboy Hague – 'fraid it's too long for me to rewrite due to the long list of their recent crimes against the indigenous English people – I hear another murdering nigger has slaughtered a girl up north – the only effective method of stopping nigger crime is to kick all these baboons out of Britain – also hear the fucking commie Labour creeps are tentatively confessing their immigration policies were wrong – it wasn't wrong – it was outright villianous fucking treason which Blair, Straw, Nathers, Harriman and the rest of the Labour cunts should be strung-up for.Fly On The Wall – posting far from home.

  3. Anonymous

    Jewish woman admits her family have been involved in ritual child sacrifice (truthseeker) this was one of the reasons Edward 1st issued the Edict of Expulsion.The shirtlifting creep Hague is giving the shabbat goy muzzies in Syria some armoured cars whilst our boys in Afghanistan haven't got proper equipment.Why do these tories think that a degenerate like him can somehow gain the moral highground ?he just gives you the heebie geebies.Whiteboar

  4. Anonymous

    That is one of the funniest things I have ever seen. The weak freak can't even look them in the eye. I hope he had a spare pair of trousers in his little car.

  5. Anonymous

    Limpdick Lownes's pet missing-link must've been hiding in the car during this hilarious confrontation – it's gonna take a mop and a gallon of Jeyse's disinfectant to clean up the froth the balloon-tire-lipped baboon, Wayne Bennett, dribbled under the backseats.Fly On The Wall


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