Tony Rooke telling it as it is. B.B.C. 911 lies. Well done fella. Sean

The more people that stand up, publically, against the establishment, the more likely we are to win, it’s as simple as that. They can’t silence/take us all out.

Tony Rooke, is a name to be remembered. Follow the brave, they are doing it for YOU.

Keep up the good work Mr. Rooke.

Top job.



14 thoughts on “Tony Rooke telling it as it is. B.B.C. 911 lies. Well done fella. Sean

  1. Anonymous

    When you think back to 2001 and realise that the BBC had the script for the mornings news…when it had not even happened yet…It makes the hairs on my neck stand up – such is the depth and evil of their conspiracy.Tony Blair is an evil instrument, I would not flatter him by using the description "man".

  2. Anonymous

    Homosexuality is a ticking timebomb for the Catholic Church': Explosive claim of former friar who says half of recruits are gayMark Dowd says gay men are 'massively over-represented' within ChurchEx-Dominican friar insists half of those attracted into seminaries are gayOpenly gay Dowd also blasts 'culture of secrecy and guilt and repression'Read more:

  3. Anonymous

    Anon 23.40 this is not an anti christian site (in my opinion)but the church needs to rout out Talmudism.As Hoffman states the West needs to destroy usury and pornography both the products of Talmudics.Homosexuality is a sin period and as any history buff knows the two things that bring down civilisations are corruption (money power) and degeneracy.As Jesus said "money is the root of ALL evil" how true.Christian Nationalism is the only answer in my opinion.The only time Europe was not in the grip of this Talmudic cancer is when we had a strong church and we were led by christian princes.The first infiltration of the church was by the talmudic Medici family.In fact Luther started his reformation because of their corruption and tried to save the church.We know his views on Jews something lost on many phoney "protestants"Whiteboar (trying to be christian)

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous said…"Homosexuality is a ticking timebombTheir are a few turd twisters in Nationalist groups too. Whats GW thoughts on that then."28 February 2013 14:11~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Turd lancers are an anathema to all right thinking people of all races and all religions – not for nothing are homosexuals shunned or politely avoided by hetrosexuals, and sometimes condemned to death – no doubt there are some homosexuals in nationalism but I opine their numbers are infinitely fewer in nationalist movements than any other political movements – the joo Marx advocated the promotion and encouragement of homosexuality and all perverted sexual practices to destroy nationalism for the joos to take full control of a country – as far as I'm concerned homosexuality should be recriminalized – however, that said, if queers want to stick their dicks in shit, they should do it in private and not promote their depraved filthy shit-sex activities.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    TV license????? – anyone know what one those things is? – I've heard rumour you need one for watching TV – strange – must look into and solve this technical mystery of why for fifty years all of my tellies have always worked perfectly fine without a TV license (8Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, while Tony Rooke is to be applauded for making a stand on exposing seemingly incontrovertable evidence of the BBC possessing knowledge of a forthcoming act of terrorism, and not forewarning people, being lumbered with court costs deems Rooke's exercise as being a failure – Rooke should have run with the fact that in court he is the Administrator and Trustee, the magistrate is a public trustee, and the BBC license statutes are corporation/business/commercial rules and regulations and only apply to BBC Corporation officers/officials/members, not him, and he was the highest authority in his Hearing, which had nothing to due with a proper court, but only a arbritration overseen by officers of the privately-owned registered for-profit Crown Court Services corporation acting under the Universal Commercial Code, an international business/trading/commerce treaty.Fly On The Wall


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