Who causes the Wars? The bankers, of course.


12 thoughts on “Who causes the Wars? The bankers, of course.

  1. Anonymous

    If the English Democrats had not of stood in the last Euro elections, E Butler may have been a MEP. Butler got 6.1% the ED's got 2%. The winning margin was 7%. History may have been so different if the ED's hadn't of stood. The only hope the British had of securing equal rights may have been destroyed by the ED's, and then Butler went on to join them. What an idiot!

  2. Anonymous

    Comment from Morris…"Sorry Ammon ben Goth but I disagree. There is no way on this earth are the English Democrats a Nationalist Party and if I was voting in that election I would spoil my vote rather than vote for a Party that advocates multi-culturalism and race mixing. "I have heard that the twat has not been on the electoral register for the last 10 years. He wouldn't even sign for his best mates election sponsorship because he was not on the role.What a false twat

  3. Anonymous

    Argentina’s President Accuses her country’s Zionist Lobby of Plotting Against Buenos Aireshttp://www.globalresearch.ca/argentinas-president-accuses-her-countrys-zionist-lobby-of-plotting-against-buenos-aires/5324124

  4. Anonymous

    ya, false twat is about right regarding mr morris. He invited everyone to the formerly closed British Resistance room and stated in black and white that "We will be lifting any bans in force".That didn't happen but I am not surprised by the bold faced lie.

  5. Anonymous

    Tighten your belts – kate is going to shit out another parasitic joo pseudo-royal cuckoo onto the English throne – try starving the little fucker to death by not paying taxes, deregistering your car then not buying road tax, and not buying a TV license and not paying council tax – it's a start – and the freeman-Of-The-Land movement is growing in Britain, America, Canada and Australia, etc.PS. had to laugh when I saw newsreel footage of the flabby-face clueless cast-iron khunt sporting a blue nappy bandana wrapped around his head while stumbling along bare-footed in the golden temple grounds, Amritsah – absolutely fucking embarrassing – Prime Minister? – more like Prime Twat – that's me for the ISP chop again till the next reconnection (8Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Yes indeed fellow Fly, we need to encourage EVERY Brit. not to pay taxes, better still, we need to tell them to take out any monies they have in the banks, our aim must be to bring down this System.As altruistic as any talk is of 'race war' the Brits. will NEVER act in such a way as it benefits them longterm, what they will act on however is if they think that they are being unfairly treated and TAX will be the prime mover…it will be up to us to manouver such revolt to encompass race & nation once we get going!Fly on Shit!

  7. Anonymous

    Greetings Brother Fly on Shit – when I've failed responding to your's and Whiteboar's incisive comments, it's due to my ISP regularly pulling the plug on me – sometimes for a week or two – requiring me to use 'other' means to log into Gri££in Watch – with the amount of government shrapnel plastering my arse is evidence enough we're right over the target and scoring direct hits on the House of Frauds and the House of Common criminals.Regards – keep up the good work,Fly On The Wall

  8. Anonymous

    Good day to you Fly ! Good film GW however i take issue with the comments concerning Roosevelt.He not only was descended from "Dutch Jews" but was the money powers man in America,why would they want to take him out ?Its a fact he delivered the coup de grace in the complete take over of America by Talmudic Jews/communists.Senator McArthey uncovered some of this infiltration but was finally thwarted.Who approached Smedley Butler to lead a coup i'm not sure but certainly he could have at least cut back much of this Talmudic power as Franco did in Spain.The 64 dollar question is why did Hitler throw millions of Germans to the Russian meat grinder when a few thousand Waffen SS perhaps led by Skorzeny could have taken out most of the worlds Talmudic Bankers ? Something we should learn from history.Whiteboar

  9. Anonymous

    PS, Whiteboar – I strongly opine the answer to your $64 questing is as follows: many of Hitler's closest followers were in fact crypto joos (to wit: Heydrich, Goebbels, Goring, to mention just a few of the filthy crypto yiddly yoos – Goring once famously said "I'll determine who is or who is not a jew" (8 ) and it doesn't take much effort in concluding one or more of Hitler's close crypto joo military condidants/advisers deliberately fed trusting Adolph damaging advice positivly favouring the filthy parasitic joo race in the long run.By the way, my comments this evening were sent on a wireless connection far from my home.Regards,Fly On The Wall


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