Unit 14

I think that unit 14 should now be organised, amongst ourselves, 4 man teams operating, with no leadership structure.


11 thoughts on “Unit 14

  1. Leona.

    O ff the topic but this needs to be heard.Shortly after midnight on sun 17th feb 2013 on a houseboat at Smalllgains Marina Canvey Islands,Essex. The warrant was in realation to non payment of councill tax. The officers involved state that Mr Bore (Stephen) was being esscorted to a nearby police car when he fell from a wooden jetty onto a embankment . A ambulance was requested just before 12-30 am and Mr Bore was taken to Basildon General hospital wher he was pronounced dead. One would ask what the hell had this got to do with the police and was they acting under oath which i doubt . This is a civil matter and has nothing what so ever to do with the police. Do we have another Paul Tomlinson here.Deepest sympathies go to Mr Bore's family and freinds and one can take a good guess at believing this man knew about and acted on civil disobedience.

  2. Plymouth Resist

    SeanThe following is taken from the the BDF. Amazing.Reports from Agent " Plymouth Resist " confirm this is all true. I copy.Morris has recently appointed the Elite Cumhander as his agent of disinformation with specific instructions to attack Paltalk Rooms that he finds have wronged him and caused him distress.Anti Octopus Agent in " CC's Private Lounge " warns of a massive and twisted response purely out of spite and malice.Decision has been made taken ( In Mr Morris the GA's ) absence due to drink that " THE OCTOPUS PROJECT IS NO LONGER FEASIBLE ."This was endorsed 3 to 1 in favour with one abstention Georgeman51 who started to cry and asked for his Mummy.Other business allows Corsham Crusader to continue to work in the Weston Super Mare freak show undercover until his application for employment at a Tampon Factory in West Bromwich had been officially approved.Being a friend of Paul Hickman, The Elite Cumhander would do his best as a good Brummie to ensure that CC would be relocated as soon as possible.News that the JDL were in Somerset was greeted with loud shrieking and much gnashing of teeth.It was therefore agreed that Mr Morris the GA would fabricate another BR crisis ( when he gets sober ) to ensure sufficient funding to relocate CC to a non indigenous area such as Smethwick where CC will be issued with a false identity.A passport is currently available at Octopus HQ under the name of Ahmed Allah.It was unanimously agreed that this should be CC'S new identity.The meeting closed with many tears and cries of " I love you too guys" before Mr Morris the GA fell off his kitchen stool and banged his head.He did not respond to calls from his children.The " Horst Wessel " was played in Mr Morris the GA's honour before the room was closed and we all headed to bed for cocoa with lashings of chocolate topping.Heil Octopus Is the Octopus Now Dead In The Water ? Only Time Will Tell.

  3. Anonymous

    Yes, go to it and carry out your deeds in secret act for the benefit of the White race.Remember, it does not matter how inconsequential your deeds may seem, in the greater scheme of things the impact will serve to strengthen the resolve of our people.Do not brag about your deeds, do not draw attention to yourself and do not persue the plaudits that boost your ego.Fly on Shit!

  4. Anonymous

    We do not have land enough to feed the legitimate population.Immigration is starvation – We have hyper-inflation in food prices already.Stop feeding the enemy.Energy, Food, Water, Money.Flow into the diseased citiesRubbish and Sewage.Flow out of the diseased cities.The disease,immigration is a biological weapon deployed against the DNA of Europe.Starve the disease of nutrient.Do whatever you consider necessary.Thank you.

  5. Anonymous

    Leaderless resistance, sounds good.Looking at whats on offer Partywise theres no alternative.Do the people at the BDP know that The Bank of England is a private company possibly the major shareholder being the Rothschields ?Just a thought after trying to find out where they stand ?Whiteboar


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