How low are you willing to go, unbelievable, Clive Jefferson.


8 thoughts on “How low are you willing to go, unbelievable, Clive Jefferson.

  1. bob - very ex-bnp and glad

    His ‘signature’ looks like his attempt at writing his actual name in joined-up letters, the coke-dealing moronic imbecile. I can remember back when the obese pervert Reynolds first introduced Jefferson to the BNP. I simply couldn’t believe what a gob-shite moron he was and I was not alone. He has three brain cells in his fat head and a massive mouth. He alone is responsible for a great many good people walking away; I am one of them.

  2. Anonymous

    This mans family suffer poverty, while the gobshite Griffin, dines in luxury.I understand that many folk bequeath money to donkeys and cats.This is not dissimilar.

  3. Anonymous

    It appears that the Establishment created creature Gri££in can keep the BNP going for a long time especially when he surrounds himself with idiots ad dupes of this caliber?

  4. Silly Kuffar

    Ah the MAN who will save the BRITISH after they have filled his Bank balance up, and it's even better to get the senile to sign everything they own over the GRIFFIN DONATION FUND and a % for Clive and the other sycophants.He was also responsible for destroying Wigan BNP in only 2 Hrs.Wigan was one of the BNPs successful groups in that Wigans BNP % in the Euro Vote Was the largest in the country which enable the Election to Gravy Train for Griffins Bank Account.

  5. Anonymous

    If you look at the breakdown of the accounts :Statistics released by the Electoral Commission revealed the BNP received £265,987 in donations in 2012, compared to just £32,000 in 2011.The figures reveal that Albert Stanmore left £200,000 to the party, received in two separate donations in 2012, while further bequests of £35,000 from Brian Mincherton and £28,736.97 from Edward Hart were also received.So if the party hadnt been left these 3 wills the total donation income would have been £2,251 !!!!!!


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