Publish your paypal accounts Paul Morris.

You can publish your paypal accounts Paul, with donors  names  redacted, but you won’t will you Paul, because you are stealing money from well intentioned nationalists aren’t you Paul?

You have hoisted yourself, by your own petard Paul, and you know it.

Your friends in the U.A.F. have disavowed you publically on the B.D.F. Paul, (to protect themselves) even they want nothing to do with you now that you have been exposed: 

If I were you Paul, I would be shit scared, I aren’t, because I don’t ask for money to fight for white rights, I do it because I am a white nationalist, I expect no payment for fighting for OUR people, that is where you and I differ.

Our effective blog costs nothing to run, you have no excuse Morris. 

My advice to you Paul, delete your websites and vanish, whilst you  still have the chance to do so. Just my take on things.

I don’t want to see you physically harmed Paul.
This blog was conceived to expose Griffin, we have been very successful at that, Griffin is pretty much history now, in actual nationalist circles. Job Done ish. You are also a drain on nationalism, just like Griffin, you make nationalism look stupid Paul, you hold nationalism back, you either drain/steal or miss-use nationalist funds, Just like Griffin does, that makes you guilty, either way.

It isn’t personal Paul, even despite your nasty links, it isn’t personal with Nick either, both of you are bad for nationalism and that Paul, is why I am exposing you, it’s nationalist business, it’s as simple as that. 

Your own exposed actions put yourself in danger, methinks.

Sean Hadley. 


23 thoughts on “Publish your paypal accounts Paul Morris.

  1. wellard67

    I would like to formerly ask Mark Kennedy to meet me in person. GA your to old to defend yourself but Mark is a young man and should be capable of standing behind his words. Hows about it CC? We can meet up and the Wales BNP camera can be put to good use once again, we can film the outcome for all to see. Square off with me instead of hiding behind your fucking master. Let us settle this once and for all like men. Your all talk the fucking pair of you, so let's have a straightener here and be done with all this crap. That will be the end of it. Be a man Mark!

  2. wellard67

    I noticed Mark Kennedy aka CC was online on BR site 2 minutes before the latest article attacking both you and myself Sean. Pair of fucking muppets but CC hides these days because he fucking shit his pants when Mussad threatened him. Be a man CC stop hiding and meet up to "chat" about things lol

  3. wellard67

    Just a thought Sean, if CC can have broadband why doesn't GA send him an email with all the articles on? No need of the donate button then is there? Put that to the lying scabbing cunt before he robs more money!

  4. wellard67

    I have watched the videos from an earlier comment on your site Sean and I was present at the meeting when Paul Morris was in the room listening to Mike Green from Wales BNP speaking. I can confirm that Morris was fully aware of Mike being from a Jewish family and Morris used Mike to build his website and also used Mike to design his "green arrow" badges, I have read Morris blog attacking Jews for a long time and wondered what the fuck he was talking about having not previously had any problem with having a Jew help him both build his site and even do the voice overs on his resistance radio show the VBR. Paul Morris is a lying cunt when he claims he is a "national socialist" he was great friends with Mike Green and knew full well that Mike was Jewish.

  5. Anonymous

    Actually the above comment is a very valid point, CC I believe lives in a rented flat so really there is no excuse for Morris to have so many contracts. He could simply send all his completed work to CC or any other of his supporters

  6. Anonymous

    Constant discussion regarding Morris makes a mountain out of tiny molehill.As with NG – we have said what must be said, let us please move on!By constantly discussing these people we make them seem important and relevant – they are neither

  7. Anonymous

    I've just heard that Stuart Freeman and some of the other lads in Southend-on-sea have rejoined the BNP and that scumbag Gri££in is delighted, they must need their heads examining?

  8. Anonymous

    It appears the English Democrats are haemorrhaging ex-BNP members by the day, some like the Essex lads are re-joining the corrupt, dead-in-the-water Griffin party, how odd?

  9. Anonymous

    NEWS FLASH Paul Hickman has indeed been thrown out of the BNP. Welcome to political oblivion Hickman you are no longer and never were a National socialist warrior.

  10. Anonymous

    The race traitor Hickman has put an article about this on his blog. I bet Paul Morris made him do it in return for a position as deputy octopus on British Resistance

  11. Hide Hitler LOL

    SeanGood news for you,Your exposure has damaged the Morris money scam.Bitterness and bile now rings forth from the new " Members Only " room on paltalk christened " CC's Private Lounge " LMFAO.Members only when there is a National Socialist message to push too the masses what is going on?It beggars belief it really does.Laughable

  12. Plymouth Resist

    Wow Sean UnbelievableA full fronted attack from the GA's brainwashed Nazi Children again in the Lawful Rebellion UK Paltalk Room today vile and disgusting actions by Morris and his demented foul mouthed followers.HAS MORRIS NO SHAME ? His BR paltalk room has closed due too lack of interest so now his venom is leveled at ex friends in another room.How disgusting is that.Morris is UAF no doubt


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