Poor old Paul, destroying his own British Resistance (sic) Webshite.

If you go to this page:


And hover your mouse over the downward pointing red (Green, lol) arrow, highlighted in yellow in the above screenshot, it says this :

“Change in Traffic Rank over the trailing 1 month period ( A positive change means that the site is getting less popular)”

The plus + (positive) in front of the 90,287 figure means that Morris has lost 90,287 places in his much beloved and quoted Alexa ratings.  In the last month. Oh how I laugh.

People sometimes don’t understand Alexa ratings, we here at G.W. do and we have pointed out how people should interpret said ratings.

Well done Paul Morris, you are helping to destroy your own webshite, Thanks for your help Paul.

You make our job so much easier, here at GriffinWatch.

With no regards whatsoever.

Sean Hadley.

White Nationalist Truthseeker. 


14 thoughts on “Poor old Paul, destroying his own British Resistance (sic) Webshite.

  1. Knowing

    Paul Hickman is an absolute cnut he is so far up Griffins Arse he cannot see fecking daylight.Just like Morris a cnut but I hear on the grapevine he has refused to give his email address to a South Wales Solicitor for over a week.Morris and Hickman are not aware of the Terms and Conditions of Paltalk but they will be shortly. Morris and his delinquents are so fecking stupid.Paltalk legal say it could be two weeks but a Pikey Caravan and a demented Brummie will be in big trouble.Hickman is in debt already soon he will be finishedWatch this space .

  2. Truther

    Paul Hickman…Good Mate with Roger Phillips…FactWolverhampton BNP Organiser Simon glad too see back of Roger Phillips when he mysteriously decides too move back to South Wales…Making contact with Ashkenazis Mike Green Tim Rogers and Paul Morris.Hickman attempts to discredit Simon in Wolverhampton at Phillips request.Phillips a bitter man.South Wales BNP turns from most successful area in country into a dead end failure due to Phillips.BNP never recovers.Lunatic Phillips continues to garner support from Grifin aiding the complete demise at Griffins request.The Ashkenazis regroup and now target Brian Gerrish and the BCG..Ashkenazis now trying to influence BDP…In overall control of this state engineered chaos Paul Morris and Corsham Crusader and their lie machine.Wake Up Folks

  3. Anonymous

    Part 2it is my strong belief that Morris is a Closet peadophile and there is no doubt that he is a latent Homosexual. He has openly made statements of a creepy sexual nature about how he understands how grown men can find 14 year old children sexually attractive, as he has a niece of 14 he says who is very sexy!Morris writes continually of how Homosexuals make him sick and I do mean he continuously writes about sexual deviants. (See latent Homosexuality on Wiki"As most sexual deviants desperate to satisfy his cravings, he has serious problems in the bedroom. His girlfriend has informed me and several other members of the BNP that she hasnt had sex for 6 years and is gagging for it because Paul cannot get it hard!I warned all of our Nationalist Brothers and Sisters 4 years ago what Morris was and people did at first struggle to understand that we had a Jewish supremacist acting as a Nationalist and working among us. I saw him secretly attack good activists of the BNP and asked him to stop. He banned me from his Pal Talk several times because I told him he was out of order.He did the same with the Freedom party.Soon after he went full out attacking everyone who was part of the BNP. Then he pulled in Dowson and did exactly the same to him. I did warn Jim and Paul months before what he would do.He tried to do the same with the NF, but I know Adam very well and have a very good working relationship with him. Adam gave Morris the wide birth and stuck to his guns and has kept it that way to this day.It doesn't stop there, he has attacked every Nationalist movement there is.. So, as of late, Morris now attract's persons who are new to Politics and know no better, or individuals who are real stupid.Ok lets sum it up..Paul Morris aka Josef Bolinsky Junior is a sexual depraved deviant, an extremist UAF Jew of low gutter class, he is a low life thief, he has prayed on the vulnerable all his pitiful sad life and is still stealing and conning old aged pensioners and lusting over all sexual indiscresions.There is little doubt in my mind, that if the law was operating as it should and everything restored to good old Britania, Bolinsky would be hanging from a rope for his crimes against the vulnerable.Ps, I would love to add that he has a poster of Karl Marx on the back of his toilet door that he masturbates over every day, but I would be fibbing. He cant get a hard on, he is impotent.

  4. Anonymous

    Part 2There seems to be what may appear to be an overlap and some confusion whilst my Brothers on this site try to sum up Morris. Let me assist.What you must do is unravel Morris/Bolinsky through layers into simple easy to understand factual categories.A. His past (what he has achieved)B. His clear sexual characteristics (factual evidence)C. His track record through his site (what has he achieved over the past 5 years)D. His true objectives is clearOk, here goes Bolinsky aka Morris has slithered his way through a failed marriage and I am reliably informed he beat his children whilst drunk and repeatedly urinated outside his back door infront of his neighbors. His Children will not even speak to him to this day because they hate him for his abuse and am embarrassed to what he is.He tried to infaltrate the NF in the mid 70's, it ended with him going into hiding because he robbed the Gwent NF organisor. He went to her house after she drew her life savings from the Bank to burry her late Husband. When she went to the toilet, Morris went through her handbag and stole the full £400 from her.The following year, he and his Father robbed an old lady in a post Office at knife point. Morris was the look out, his father held the knife against her and they both were caught red handed by the Police.It proceded to Court, Morris Father, Josef Bolinsky had 4 years, they let Morris off because he signed up for the Army.During the next few decades he ran a scouts club and was a "community parish hall chairman, close to children!" and made peoples lives a mysery who had anything to do with him. This ended with the whole committee turning on Morris and once again he was sent packing.Paul Morris/ Bolinsky is a Sephardic Jew, he hates Ashkenazi Jews with a passion because they are superior to Sepharic Jews. He is circumcised and ran a site called the green arrow. This name is directly derived from Israel and a Jewish extremist who ran a DC comic mag.

  5. wellard67

    For your information I have never even met Paul Hickman but to the best of my knowledge he has left the BNP. As for the rest of your crap it is not even worth a response. You want to write about me then be a man and use your real name.RegardsRoger Phillips

  6. Captain Custard

    Morris as has previously stated still relies on young boys to create the " Octopus Illusion " for financial gain.For a perpetrator of the New Nazi fourth reich etc,etc,etc..YawnHe keeps some really demented retarded company.The Boy Corsham Crusader allegedly has a bad back or at worst a bone disorder. He would never be considered a candidate for the SS.Sweet cheeks Georgeman51 a partially deaf mute with a speech defect stunted,puny and demented. SS material ? NOThe new leader of the Octopus Cult step forward Elite Commander LOL.Sorry PMSLA Tory Toff with connections to MI5 ( An active agent ) with bad breath and bad sinuses. A laughable character sniffing his way through intellectual debate. LOL once again.A modern day Major Bloodnook from the Goon Show a cad and a fool. Sorry All LOL once again.Give me strength.LolOctopus Warrior Emmerson Collier…also known as Right Foot Forward LOL.Kicked out of Britain First for being a Nazi and yet he has one " Adam Rosenbaum " as a pal on his facebook along with a couple of Sand-Niggers…FFSNational Socialists my arse as a wise man from Liverpool would say.Heil Octopus LOL

  7. Anonymous

    It really doesn't suprise me at all that Hickman and Morris are firends tbh. Hickman like Morris has a very feminine voice, homosexual manner and also similar conspiracy theory, David Ickeish weirdo views. They both bang on about the 14 words, something they know very little of. 14

  8. Anonymous

    Yes Morris the jew it all makes sense now.Just studying his facial structure and I am 98% certain Morris/Bolinsky is a Jew!.Tony Ward the perverted tran-sex freak has a similar sounding name on his fathers side who is a polish Jew.

  9. Anonymous

    Who can forget when this man was a Griffin fan and slagged off anyone who was mildly critical of his 'Leader' . Belatedly he's seen the light and nows claims to be the font of all knowledge. His site is infested by foul mouthed trolls and Holly Nazi nutters. God help us.


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