The Morris file, all of these different people exposing him. We can’t all be wrong.

The Paul Morris File

“Paul Morris, otherwise known as ‘the Green Arrow’, has recently launched scathing attacks against veteran nationalists and denigrated their contribution to the cause, but who is Paul Morris?
It is perhaps time to take a look at Morris and his antics over the years. Is he the veteran British Nationalist that he likes to portray, or just a reactionary dinosaur; a fantasist with a predisposition for sycophancy and moronic behaviour?
Let’s take a look.
Paul Morris (Green Arrow) Time line
1976 – 1979 – Morris quits the Royal Navy, citing “bullying” by senior crew as the driver. Perhaps this explains Morris’s hatred for homosexuals; the neurotic attachment to militarism and the penchant for militaristic metaphors which pepper his writings; the need for an authoritarian figure; the desire for hierarchical structure and the sycophancy it often breeds.
Morris alleges that during the late 70s his house and his computers were searched by Special Branch. Considering computers in the late 70s would cost the equivalent of £10,000 in today’s money, anybody would be justified in questioning this story.
He also likes to retell the story about how he was introduced to a man who had possession of advanced electronic equipment, the super sleuth Morris quickly deduced that the man was a spy and tried to denounce him to all who would listen. That man is now 92-years-old and still a nationalist.
Are these the delusions of a fantasist? A fantasist desperate to concoct for himself a nationalist history?
How about the following;

  • Morris states that he was a runner for the SAS in Northern Ireland.
  • Morris states that he was a National Front ‘street fighter’, despite never actually holding membership of the NF.
  • Morris states that he owned a nationalist printing shop – no address supplied.
  • Morris states that he was an expert in bomb disposal and saved the life of a British general, but refuses to supply the name of said officer.

If even half of the above is true, Morris is a colossus of British Nationalism.
1979 – 2007 – Morris disappears from Nationalist politics for almost 30 years. What was Morris doing during his decades in the wilderness?
He has claimed that he ran a ‘hugely successful’ IT company, but didn’t reveal until later that the same company went bust, bringing Morris hurtling back to earth with his now trademark cough and splutter.
During the mid to latter part of the decade, Morris is forced to retire with a crippling case of arthritis, but is investigated by the DWP following complaints lodged by a disgruntled neighbour.
2007 – Onwards – After a 28-year break, Morris reappears under the pen name ‘Green Arrow’, reference to the Marxist Marvel Comics character. Morris has since said that it’s a bow to one of his favourite letter writers in the newspaper, this is a convenient and recent cover story, concocted following legal threats by the original cartoonist who created the Green Arrow character.
He quickly built up a following by publishing childish, and mildly racist, cartoon strips. (Morris has shifted these back into the January 2006 folder on his original blog, to give the impression that he has been blogging for a longer period, however, as always with Morris, he’s made a blunder. The cartoon strips carry a production date, November 2007. Again, an example of Morris trying to fill the gaps in his nationalist history)
The new BNP webmaster, Simon Bennett, graciously adds the link to the Green Arrow blog on the BNP’s national website. Morris reaps a massive traffic increase by ‘piggy backing’ upon the success of Simon Bennett and Arthur Kemp’s work. Stats later reveal that Morris’s site provided 0.9% of traffic to the official BNP website, whilst Morris received over 90% of his traffic via the BNP site. Quite the parasitical relationship.
An ego-massaged Morris appears on the Stormfront Forum and proceeds to lecture veteran nationalists on political activism. This brings him into conflict with veteran soldiers, who counter Morris’s claims about his military service, and veteran nationalists, who successfully de-construct Morris’s fabricated nationalist history.
As Griffin faces a battle with the Decemberist rebels, Green Arrow becomes the leader’s attack poodle on Stormfront. By this time, Morris’s reputation is in tatters, having been exposed as a liar. Further confrontations with serious nationalists leaves the moderators with no choice but to permanently ban his account.
(I was one of those nationalists on Stormfront, helping to expose the Liar/Fantasist, those who know, know. 😉 Ed.)
Morris’s personal life takes a turn for the worse; drunken, public rows with his family members provides his exasperated neighbours with the motive for giving his address to anti-fascists.
(That’s why his address was posted on the internet by the Reds. Ed.)
A further blow to Morris’s super-inflated ego arrives when party officials politely ask him to remove ‘the 14 words’ from his blog banner, as part of the BNP’s attempt to re-brand itself. Morris refuses and replies with typical courtesy: “Fuck off!”
As a result, Morris’s link is removed from the official website.
Morris then believes that members of the hierarchy are trying to “destroy” him. He somehow deduces that these ‘infiltrators’ must be disloyal to Nick Griffin and are trying to damage the BNP. As a result of his own fantasies, Morris plots to have Arthur Kemp removed as web editor. Despite Mr Kemp having worked as a pro journalist, Green Arrow believed he could do better.
The plot is uncovered, but Morris offers no apology or explanation. Instead, in a fit of audacity, he offers polite chatter to his intended victim at the RWB.
A disgruntled Morris then holds a grudge against the entire BNP web team. This is the embryonic stage of the hatred he would eventually hold for Simon Bennett.
Following the election of BNP MEPs, Morris embarks on a traffic stealing scheme. He instructs his disciples to flood the party’s ground-breaking social networks and comments system with links to his own website. The final straw for web team administrators occurs when one of his helpers deploys a spam-bomb of over 5,000 links to the Green Arrow site, posted to every member of the social network. This results in an embargo on any links to his site.
Leadership and Reform
Morris’s involvement in the leadership nomination phase is completely malignant and without justification.

  • Smears Simon Bennett, despite not having access to the facts.
  • Smears Eddy Butler
  • Threatens to publish the names of every British Nationalist who signs the nomination forms of Eddy Butler
  • Attacks Andrew Brons
  • Attacks Chris Beverley
  • Attacks Richard Edmonds
  • Attacks Richard Barnbrook
  • Attacks Mark Collett
  • Attacks Shelley Rose
  • Attacks Peter Mullins
  • Attacks Peter Stafford
  • Deploys a team of attack dogs to disrupt a non-BNP political forum, hoping to stifle open debate about the party
  • Propagates links to web pages and videos which contain libellous and defamatory content about the above persons
  • Issues badges (medals) to those who disrupted the constitutional leadership challenge.

Morris’s odious actions over the past few months have disillusioned most of Wales BNP. One formerly close pal, who paid for military-grade body armour for South Wales BNP camera crew, has totally distanced himself from Morris, saying:
“Green Arrow has done more than most to deepen the fissures within the BNP, we want no part of his crusade”.
The question for BNP members and supporters;
Paul Morris, a veteran nationalist and valuable internet representative for the British National Party?
A malicious egotist with delusions of military/nationalist grandeur?
Personally, I think Paul Morris has mistaken himself for Chuck Norris.” 


15 thoughts on “The Morris file, all of these different people exposing him. We can’t all be wrong.

  1. Anonymous

    Has anyone ever noticed how effeminate Morris voice is? We have long suspected him of being a closet homosexual. If you read his past articles where he claims to hate homosexuality he has painstakingly taken time to research the bedroom habits of gays providing links to sites containing in depth articles on fisting and other practises. I remember once being physically sickened by a link he posted showing "come" shots. Faces of men taken during the moment of orgasm while having homosexual sex. The question is who in their right minds would surf the internet for this stuff unless you found it personally erotic? Morris also once mentioned in an article that he found his young niece sexually attractive and she was just 14 years of age!! The man is sick in the head!

  2. wellard67

    I fell out with Morris following his attacks on Butler. Not because I supported Butler but because I believed then, as I do now that GA was causing a huge fall out among nationalists and providing the reds with ammunition to use against the BNP in future. He reduced a perfectly legal leadership challenge into playground politics.A few weeks after his attacks on Butler GA attended the high court hearing in London and while he stood outside who should he meet in the flesh non other than…. Butler!!! We have film footage of this meeting and the look on Morris's face when he realised Eddy was stood next to him has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!! He went grey and I am sure he physically "shit" himself!! One thing this footage did prove though was that Morris is a coward! For all his big talk and rhetoric behind his keyboard he did NOT say one word to Eddy's face. Why not? Well according to Morris his "bad eye" prevented him from actually seeing Eddy despite the fact he was standing next to him lol!!! Some NF street fighter Morris turned out to be. The man is a complete coward and a fantasist! He can claim what he wants but I have seen the footage and he fucking shit himself!! Had he known he was going to bump into Eddy that day there is NO WAY he would have attended the court case. We have had to drag him to meetings over the years even going as far as picking him up and buying him beer to attend. Nationalist my arse he is! The camera equipment he claims to have donated to Wales BNP? The truth is Morris was promised he would receive the footage first to help him build traffic to his site, he ran the appeal but the people that kindly donated were donating to the BNP not to Morris!! And I would say that the work we have produced has had a huge impact by revealing the truth to the masses for example the Wembley video now has well over 800,000 views and continues to wake our people up to this day. Morris doesn't like me very much since I spoke out against his rants and attacks on fellow nationalists. I and my friends in Wales have been the victims of his ongoing hate campaign and have had the pleasure of being attacked both personally and members of our families on his shitty blog and comments section for the last 3 years. I am pleased to see you finally exposing this scumbag Sean. He is a complete control freak and hates not being in control. I know him personally and I can guarantee you that your articles exposing him are really getting to him in a big way. The man is a liar and has sucked money out of well meaning nationalists for years. The sooner he is stopped the better. He is not even registered to vote in the UK and in the last general election his best friend John Of Gwent stood as a candidate, what did Morris do to help him? NOTHING! He promised he would get the nomination signatures for him but didn't bother, it was my friends and I that got them sorted, Morris was invited to attend the election count as an agent, what did he do? NOTHING! He couldn't be bothered to attend. The nationalists that foolishly donate to this man need to ask themselves exactly what they are donating to? Is Morris really a nationalist? I very much doubt it. He uses the donations to fund a pretty nice lifestyle, living in a holiday park at the expense of others and bumming DLA (drinkers living allowance) How many of you could afford that lifestyle? Maybe you should all start a blog with a "donate" button!

  3. wellard67

    Morris latest offering-"Now I appreciate that some of you will wish to go over to the missing link's site and leave a comment in my defence." LOL fucking hell Sean must have taken you hours to read through them all! I hope you were not swamped by the same supporters that signed his holohoax petition pmsl.

  4. Anonymous

    Lol he is going to freak out and splutter his warm beer over his keyboard when he reads this in the morning. You forgot to mention his attack on Pat Harrington's wife just for wearing a punk t-shirt!

  5. Anonymous

    Morris has nowhere to go. The fruitcake has backed himself into a corner following his attacks on fellow nationalists and parties. He is fucked with the BNP, the NF laugh at him, he has fallen out with Dowson following his fucked up support for Britain First. He then pretends to be a national socialist to try and get some support instead he damages the nationalist cause even further by taking us back to 1930's politics. Now he was hoping to have a foothold in the BDP but finds his path blocked by people in Wales that he has also attacked in the past. Oh dear Paul what have you done to yourself? Where are bertie bert and CC when you need them the most? Both have also deserted you because they can see your a fucking loony bin! Ah well there is always Western Spring the ponzi scheme designed to bleed nationalists of even more hard earned money. Maybe Papa Luigi will give you a share hey Paul? Best you start to give their site a free plug, oh hang on….. you have!

  6. Anonymous

    Morris was NEVER involved with the NF trust me on that one!Morris is a very, very dodgy character. If you value your liberty NEVER have ANY dealings with him nor anyone connected with him.Fly on Shit!

  7. GriffinWatch

    "Morris latest offering-"Now I appreciate that some of you will wish to go over to the missing link's site and leave a comment in my defence." LOL fucking hell Sean must have taken you hours to read through them all! I hope you were not swamped by the same supporters that signed his holohoax petition pmsl."He is a fantasist, there have been no comments supporting him sent in to our blog, if there had been I would have published them, in order to pick them apart. 🙂 and expose these non existent supposed supporters arguements. Morris is a wrongun, he proves it time and time again. He soon clams up when asked to publish his paypal accounts. I wonder why that is…………….

  8. Anonymous

    Interesting reading all the people that he has personally attacked Sean BUT what is more interesting is that he employs people to do his dirty work even as we speak.GA encourages his rabid delinquent followers to come into the Lawful Rebellion Paltalk room to listen in,report back to him and attack room users with profanities on a regular basis.How low can Morris get.I am sure that you have witnessed this yourself being a welcome guest in the room.He is obviously not aware of the Terms and Conditions of Paltalk which strictly prohibits such actions.But that is a work in progress at the moment. The proper channel are being investigated.Yes indeed I can honestly say that this man Morris is the lowest form of humanity that I have ever had the displeasure of remotely knowing.

  9. Joe Stalin

    With regards to the comments left on the BR it is this simple.They are all comments left by Morrisstein and his Searchlight Brothers to boost his ratings.There are no real genuine Nationalist comments just Morris and the Reds aided by his boy CC topping up the figures and stats.How embarrassing for Morris ?


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