Paul Morris and comments from actual White Nationalists.

Despite the fantasist thinking that thousands of comments have been sent to our blog to support him, they haven’t, the only comment coming anywhere near to support was from “jo” and that was about his postcode, which I published and answered, look for yourself.

Here, however, are some of the comments about the odious Morris that we have received:

AnonymousAnonymous said…
Has anyone ever noticed how effeminate Morris voice is? We have long suspected him of being a closet homosexual. If you read his past articles where he claims to hate homosexuality he has painstakingly taken time to research the bedroom habits of gays providing links to sites containing in depth articles on fisting and other practises. I remember once being physically sickened by a link he posted showing “come” shots. Faces of men taken during the moment of orgasm while having homosexual sex. The question is who in their right minds would surf the internet for this stuff unless you found it personally erotic? Morris also once mentioned in an article that he found his young niece sexually attractive and she was just 14 years of age!! The man is sick in the head!

18 February 2013 03:36″
“wellard67 said…

I fell out with Morris following his attacks on Butler. Not because I supported Butler but because I believed then, as I do now that GA was causing a huge fall out among nationalists and providing the reds with ammunition to use against the BNP in future. He reduced a perfectly legal leadership challenge into playground politics.A few weeks after his attacks on Butler GA attended the high court hearing in London and while he stood outside who should he meet in the flesh non other than…. Butler!!! We have film footage of this meeting and the look on Morris’s face when he realised Eddy was stood next to him has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen!!! He went grey and I am sure he physically “shit” himself!! One thing this footage did prove though was that Morris is a coward! For all his big talk and rhetoric behind his keyboard he did NOT say one word to Eddy’s face. Why not? Well according to Morris his “bad eye” prevented him from actually seeing Eddy despite the fact he was standing next to him lol!!! Some NF street fighter Morris turned out to be. The man is a complete coward and a fantasist! He can claim what he wants but I have seen the footage and he fucking shit himself!! Had he known he was going to bump into Eddy that day there is NO WAY he would have attended the court case. We have had to drag him to meetings over the years even going as far as picking him up and buying him beer to attend. Nationalist my arse he is! The camera equipment he claims to have donated to Wales BNP? The truth is Morris was promised he would receive the footage first to help him build traffic to his site, he ran the appeal but the people that kindly donated were donating to the BNP not to Morris!! And I would say that the work we have produced has had a huge impact by revealing the truth to the masses for example the Wembley video now has well over 800,000 views and continues to wake our people up to this day. Morris doesn’t like me very much since I spoke out against his rants and attacks on fellow nationalists. I and my friends in Wales have been the victims of his ongoing hate campaign and have had the pleasure of being attacked both personally and members of our families on his shitty blog and comments section for the last 3 years. I am pleased to see you finally exposing this scumbag Sean. He is a complete control freak and hates not being in control. I know him personally and I can guarantee you that your articles exposing him are really getting to him in a big way. The man is a liar and has sucked money out of well meaning nationalists for years. The sooner he is stopped the better. He is not even registered to vote in the UK and in the last general election his best friend John Of Gwent stood as a candidate, what did Morris do to help him? NOTHING! He promised he would get the nomination signatures for him but didn’t bother, it was my friends and I that got them sorted, Morris was invited to attend the election count as an agent, what did he do? NOTHING! He couldn’t be bothered to attend. The nationalists that foolishly donate to this man need to ask themselves exactly what they are donating to? Is Morris really a nationalist? I very much doubt it. He uses the donations to fund a pretty nice lifestyle, living in a holiday park at the expense of others and bumming DLA (drinkers living allowance) How many of you could afford that lifestyle? Maybe you should all start a blog with a “donate” button!

18 February 2013 04:54″
“wellard67 said…

Morris latest offering-

“Now I appreciate that some of you will wish to go over to the missing link’s site and leave a comment in my defence.” LOL fucking hell Sean must have taken you hours to read through them all! I hope you were not swamped by the same supporters that signed his holohoax petition pmsl.

18 February 2013 05:00″
Anonymous “Anonymous said…
Lol he is going to freak out and splutter his warm beer over his keyboard when he reads this in the morning. You forgot to mention his attack on Pat Harrington’s wife just for wearing a punk t-shirt!

18 February 2013 05:21″
AnonymousAnonymous said…
Morris has nowhere to go. The fruitcake has backed himself into a corner following his attacks on fellow nationalists and parties. He is fucked with the BNP, the NF laugh at him, he has fallen out with Dowson following his fucked up support for Britain First. He then pretends to be a national socialist to try and get some support instead he damages the nationalist cause even further by taking us back to 1930’s politics. Now he was hoping to have a foothold in the BDP but finds his path blocked by people in Wales that he has also attacked in the past. Oh dear Paul what have you done to yourself? Where are bertie bert and CC when you need them the most? Both have also deserted you because they can see your a fucking loony bin! Ah well there is always Western Spring the ponzi scheme designed to bleed nationalists of even more hard earned money. Maybe Papa Luigi will give you a share hey Paul? Best you start to give their site a free plug, oh hang on….. you have!

18 February 2013 06:05″
“Anonymous said…

Morris was NEVER involved with the NF trust me on that one!

Morris is a very, very dodgy character. If you value your liberty NEVER have ANY dealings with him nor anyone connected with him.

Fly on Shit!

18 February 2013 12:11″

AnonymousAnonymous said…
The paypal accounts would probably show incoming funds from searchlight!

18 February 2013 16:32″
(My favourite comment and likely very near the truth is the comment above)
“Anonymous said…

Interesting reading all the people that he has personally attacked Sean BUT what is more interesting is that he employs people to do his dirty work even as we speak.

GA encourages his rabid delinquent followers to come into the Lawful Rebellion Paltalk room to listen in,report back to him and attack room users with profanities on a regular basis.

How low can Morris get.

I am sure that you have witnessed this yourself being a welcome guest in the room.

He is obviously not aware of the Terms and Conditions of Paltalk which strictly prohibits such actions.

But that is a work in progress at the moment. The proper channel are being investigated.

Yes indeed I can honestly say that this man Morris is the lowest form of humanity that I have ever had the displeasure of remotely knowing.

18 February 2013 16:43″



10 thoughts on “Paul Morris and comments from actual White Nationalists.

  1. GriffinWatch

    I find this somewhat amusing in some respects, by attacking myself and our blog, Morris has accidently directed people towards the blog that is exposing him, in effect, he is actually helping to expose himself, our stats. are up on the average day, most satisfying.Well done to Morris, I suppose.R.O.T.F.L.M.A.O.

  2. Anonymous

    My thoughts exactly, dont forget to highlight the video links proving Morris is not an anti-jewish social nationalist as he claims, you have proof positive there that he is a lying bastard!!!

  3. Anonymous

    You are right Sean he foolishly pointed people here that can now read the truth on the man.I hear that more enemies of Morris will soon be arriving here to share some info with you. Considering Morris has now been exposed as a plastic national socialist do you think the 14 on the bottom of his articles means he is a CB radio fan?

  4. Truther

    Lets be perfectly honest you dull cnuts…..Look at what is in front of you.Morris is an Ashkenazi FFS.Are you all blind ?Morris assisted by certain ex members of South Wales BNP are all in it together.You just couldn't make it up.

  5. Anonymous

    South Wales BNP were a bunch of useless old Tory duffers. With the exception of certain such as TM who actually had the bollocks but later grew disenchanted because of their lack of backbone and support.

  6. Anonymous

    I often go to the BR site just to see who the crank is attacking,I didn't know about this blog until he started attacking you and your blog, nice one Morris I love reading this blog,keep up with the good work GW. Angela


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