A personal challenge to Paul Morris.

I will pay for the costs to travel down to Trecco and meet you personally, then you can show me all of the paypal accounts (I also have a paypal account, so I know how the system works) and the money that you have received/withdrawn, let me take screenshots of said accounts and publish them. I would also like screenshots of your supposed “internet costs” for the purpose of publishing, let’s see if they tally up (which they obviously won’t, that is why you REFUSE POINT BLANK, to publish them).

Paul you are a thieving scumbag/conman, a parasite, a boil on the bum of humanity/nationalism, until you prove otherwise.


Over to you.
Mouthy internet coward.

Sean Hadley

13 thoughts on “A personal challenge to Paul Morris.

  1. GriffinWatch

    Let me rewrite your question in English before answering it."How do we know that you aren't blocking comments, strange that they were open and now they are not"There, that's better.You don't know if I am blocking comments or not, you will just have to trust me, or not, that is your call (I aren't as it happens, my modus operandi has always been to publish idiotic comments, so that I can ridicule them, ask Michael Wood. ;-), he can confirm this).The comments section is now on moderation again because I am sick of abuse aimed at my family and myself. I have absolutely no problem with constructive criticism but will no longer tolerate out and out abuse.It really is that simple.Sean.

  2. Anonymous

    Nutter alert. Will also, the multi-racial Lawful Rebellion organisation (also infiltrated by the thugs from Wales) condemn Hadley, who is a regular in the Lawful Rebellion Paltalk Room as you can see from this link here to the Birmingham Nationalist.

  3. Feckin Jokin

    He's a fucking liar is MorrisHe is currently sitting up the valleys rent free in " Alki Angies " fecking house rent free electricity free with a pub down the road.Overheads my Grannies Fanny LOLPS What the feck happened to the pub he promised to save in an Alki Rage in the Valley ?????Is it still open GA ????Is it feck

  4. Anonymous

    I notice that since you have issued this challenge his donations pot has mysteriously shot well over target in the last 24 hours. Just one small detail he seems to have forgotten to "thank" the donator's. Nice try Morris but you do not fool us were onto you!!


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