The British Resistance website and the 14 Words. A reminder.

Friday, 10 August 2012

The British Resistance website and the 14 Words.

Morris and Bainbridge try to trick you again with a re-brand. British Resistance? My arse!!!!!!! (not literally I might add)


 Again I must reiterate that this is aimed against hypocrisy and miscegenation and not Japanese people.

Well what can we say, the Green Arrow webs*ite has truly exposed itself and its Alexa stats. are sinking faster than a lead balloon.

As a result of this, Morris and the sparrows are attempting to re-brand themselves, via the above so-called “British Resistance” webs*ite. (screenshot 1)

What really annoys me the most, is the second screenshot, which purports to be a “letter to the white race”.
(screenshot 2)
Why? I shall tell you.

The above website is run by Stuart Bainbridge AKA Anjin Sama, who also runs the Green Arrow webs*ite.
(see screenshot below)

Quite frankly anyone who marries outside of their own race, as Bainbridge has, ( Tony Ward also) certainly can’t be taken seriously as someone who is actively promoting the white race. (screenshot 2 )

This is rank hypocrisy of the highest order.

Stuart Bainbridge a white nationalist?

These “types” are the ones that are actively supporting Griffarage, makes you think, doesn’t it?

This is an old post, reproduced here, Paul Morris is an opportunist money grabber, just like Griffin in fact.

 How dare Paul Morris and Mark Kennedy try to lay any claims to the 14 Words, when their own web editor Stuart Bainbridge is married to a Japanese lady.

This post is in no way a slight towards Japanese people, it does however highlight the rank hypocrisy of the British Resistance webshite.

“No, this is not fantasy, a completely unlikely scenario.   Sarkozy, the allegedly right wing President of France is already on record a saying that that not to intermarry racially is bad for the survival of his country. From being ‘bad for the country’ ie socially unacceptable to making it a requisite legally, at least in certain circumstances,  is but short step. In Britain the BBC, the mouthpiece of the Liberal –left political class is certainly doing its best to make interracial pairings socially obligatory, at least so far as whites / blacks  are concerned.  Next stop: the Law?”
Paul Morris, Mark Kennedy and especially Stuart Bainbridge the “Boatswain”, you are two faced money grabbing bastards, proven.

You will not hold our movement back, go away, you have been exposed.

5 thoughts on “The British Resistance website and the 14 Words. A reminder.

  1. Anonymous

    Even better is the "voice" used behind the VBR radio show,The voice was a gentleman called Mike Green a former friend of Morris who is a well known JEWISH member of the BNP. Now if your really going to tear GA a new arsehole Sean you could ask him why he had a Jew as one of his best friends, in fact often having the same gentleman to stay at his caravan drinking regularly. Ask him why he claims to be a national socialist attacking jews daily on his webshite why then was he more than happy to have a jew as his voice over and also the same jew wrote a lot of articles for the site.The following link is from a meeting held by Wales BNP where Mr Green openly speaks about being Jewish, in the audience that evening was non other than Morris. So there is NO WAY that Morris can deny knowing that Mr Green was jewish. He then went on to recruit Mr Green to record the VBR radio shows link here now you can all see the truth about Morris. He is a liar, he is NOT a national socialist as he claims. The questions should be asked of this man. WHY WOULD A MAN THAT CLAIMS TO BE A NATIONAL SOCIALIST USE A JEW TO BUILD HIS WEBSITE AND THEN RECRUIT THE SAME JEW TO WORK ON HIS RADIO SHOW?

  2. Anonymous

    Further to my previous comment. If you watch the BNP video and wind onto 6.30 minutes you will see Morris in the audience wearing a white hoody and baseball hat sitting next to John Voisey AKA John of Gwent. Now it is important that you point out Morris used Mr Greens services AFTER this meeting Sean. He was FULLY aware that Mr Green was a Jew but still used him to write articles and do the voiceover for VBR. Have fun destroying this fucking idiot for good!!

  3. Anonymous

    Lol I have just watched the video and it's true that is definitely Morris in the audience and there is no denying he knows that man was Jewish, defiantly not a fucking national socialist are you Morris?


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