Paul "The Green Liar" Morris, caught bang to rights.

Here is where the aforementioned/Pictured liar lives:

 Note the postcode for the Trecco bay holiday park where the odious creature lives, highlighted in yellow:

CF36 5PW
Here is proof of the holiday parks postcode, screenshot above:
The “Green Liar” claims in the screenshot below, that he HAS to use dongles for his internet connections, in order to try to “JUSTIFY” his websites, hugely inflated (by him), internet connection costs:
Text here:

“Now speaking of the Sea, it is the sea that has been one of the biggest financial drains to this site and its predecessors since I started writing in 2007.  Because of where I live, I do not have direct access to the Internet and so am forced to use data dongles and have accounts with four different mobile phone companies to provide these services.
My main supplier has up until recently been Vodafone, who I have 4 number accounts with.  Although expensive their service is usually reliable and I bit the bullet, however they have reduced the bandwidth on their data dongles now down from first of all almost unlimited in 2007 when I first opened the account, down to 5gb and now down to just 2GB per month with a charge of £15 for every 1gb used afterwards.  This is totally unacceptable and another supplier, 3 com was chosen with 7gb for £25 on a pay as you go basis.  This sites eats data quicker than a pig eating potatoes and 7gb is gone in a matter of days.”

Link here: 

This is of course a blatant and quite frankly, very cheeky lie, as indicated by the screenshot above, taken from this website:
Again notice the postcode highlighted in yellow in the above screenshot and indeed in the above link.
CF36 5PW
Methinks that the  Paul “Green Liar” Morris has a lot of explaining to do to those, quite frankly, idiotic people who donate to his website.
Bang to rights Paul.
Bang to rights.  

16 thoughts on “Paul "The Green Liar" Morris, caught bang to rights.

  1. GriffinWatch

    I've put the comments back on moderation due to a stalker from Chester being abusive, I don't need to put up with anymore crap and won't.Be very very careful with you language now please ladies and gents, particularly epithets, I don't need any legal crap.Sorry about this everyone, it's always one that spoils it for the many.Sean

  2. Silly Kuffar

    When so called NATIONALIST Bloggers start asking people to pay their internet bills then you must come to the conclusion that the Blog and Blogger have come to the conclusion that NATIONALIST are MUGS and should be fleeced of as much cash as possible.Morris learned quickly from Dodgy Dowson. Morris's BRITISH RESISTANCE blog is now doing more damage to the BRITISH NATIONALIST CAUSE by declaring themselves as NATIONAL SOCIALISTS.It's took years for NATIONALISM to shake off the Nazi tag and have just about managed it, yet here we have a so-called 'NATIONALIST' giving the enemy the stick to beat us over the head with.I wonder how much Hope to Hate and Searchlies have paid Morris and his merry band of SS Net warrior MUGS to help destroy TRUE BRITISH NATIONALISM ?I advise all true NATIONALISTS to leave the BRITISH RESISTANCE blog alone.Along with the GRIFFIN WATCH blog there are many other excellent Nationalist blogs around where you can get your information from. DON'T FEED GREED AND QUISLINGS.

  3. GriffinWatch

    No worries Fly, I most certainly don't relish putting the comments back on moderation, however I'm sick of scumbags attacking my family and trying to use my family in order to get at me. I'll tolerate it no longer.Sean.

  4. Anonymous

    Joann3, you're a regular comedian – got any more jokes about Morrishtein being a nationalist? – the fat freak looks like he's been on the Gri££in joo diet of pickled foreskinbergers.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    The park closes from Dec-March as it does not hold a residential licence. Morris spends his winters at his partners home in the Welsh valleys, where he continues to bum the same money from nationalists even though he can have high speed broadband there for free! 3x months at over £300 per month HIC! Thank you very much mugs! That will pay for plenty of beer to warm on the stove while we sit in the sun next season!


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