Morris, a liar and a fantasist, views from an actual white nationalist.

“I have just happened upon the web site of that eternal hypocrite and fantasist Paul Morris.
In the parlance of today’s young, where does he get off?

In one article this supreme idiot asks “What will you do when they come for you?” and goes on to state that he has written “articles revealing how the global marxists had subverted all our institutions as part of their plan to exterminate the white people in Europe and specifically the United Kingdom”.

Search high and low as I might, I find that Morris has done nothing of the sort. What he has done, of course, is to pilfer and plagiarise the works of others, putting their work in to “his” articles. He has “revealed” nothing, and most certainly has “revealed” nothing any nationalist was not fully aware of more than half a century ago.

In an article attacking the misbegotten Carlos Cortiglia, he brings his wife in to the argument, claiming of her a loyalty belied by the fact that his late spouse ejected him from their home for reasons – I am most reliably informed – connected with his personal behaviour. However that may be, we find this Morris again attempting to secure for himself the title of “veteran” with which to impress his simpleton followers, claiming “She marched alongside me with the National Front in London, she kept vigil outside Winchester Jail for Robert Relf…”

Let me reiterate once more, for the benefit of those simpleton followers, Paul Morris at no time has had any association with the National Front, nor does his name appear on any National Front membership list for any period prior to 1985. And since Bob Relf was a personal friend of mine, I, with his utterly loyal wife Sadie, were part of the organising group of National Front and British Movement members who oversaw the vigils on public ground outside Winchester Gaol until Bob’s release.

I recall no person on those vigils travelling from Wales, north or south, to take part, but I may have overlooked something. Perhaps Morris was using a nom-de-plume at the time? Perhaps he had not then developed a Welsh accent?

Perhaps much, but of one thing I am completely certain, the man is a liar, a shabby shadow of a British Nationalist, who has earned and fully deserves the great weight of opprobrium with which the general movement regard him, a man without a nationalist past (beyond some brief flirtation with a National Front splinter group some 35 years ago), a man forever attempting to lace himself up in boots into which he will never fit.” 


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