The British Resistance (sic) and Morris continues to fall apart.

 My, what a big nose you have Paul.

“Right, I think it is time I had a break from all this, whether I will take that break remains to be seen”

 You should take a break permenantly Morris, you have done more than enough damage to our movement/cause as it is, as well you know!, You have absolutely no intention of giving up Paul, this is just another 8 fingered attempt at sympathy aimed at your idiotic supporters, in order to solicit more donations, Griffin taught you well didn’t he? 

Unfortunately, Paul, you have exposed yourself by refusing to reveal your paypal accounts and more importantly what the money that YOU  receive IS ACTUALLY SPENT ON.

You have had your chance Paul, to prove your innocence and you have blown it!


17 thoughts on “The British Resistance (sic) and Morris continues to fall apart.

  1. Anonymous

    LATEST STATISTICS"Whenever I come across a very resentful person I think of the definition once told to me of what a resentful person appears to others.Resentment,"When a man pisses in his own trousers, everyone else can see it but only he feels it!"Or when a person swallows poison and expects the other person to suffer!Take that however you wish.

  2. GriffinWatch

    I don't do dogging, why are you so obsessed with sex, when this is a political blog?Methinks that you are sick in the head.I only let your comments stand in order to show how sick you are, you really aren't that bright are you?

  3. Anonymous

    Did not understand the eight finger bit!When you say "eight fingered",…………………………………… has this Mr Morris, a hand injury or some deformity? – Or is this a "Northern" expression, or private joke?

  4. Anonymous

    Morris is bad news for nationalism. Full stop! He is now left without a political home having blindly backed Griffin then turned on him, he then backed Britain First (that was for the money promised by Dowson) Then turned on them, the NF will not touch him with a barge pole due to theft he committed against them in the 70's and now he desperately tries to get "in" with the BDP and almost begs to be allowed to report on their meeting, problem is for Morris the Welsh BDP is being run by the same people that he has spent the last 3 years attacking so it is only a matter of time before he starts to attack the BDP. He has slowly but surely backed himself into a corner, we do not know what has happened to CC aka Mark Kennedy but something has obviously gone astray with their relationship. Rumours of his arrest and bail persist but as yet no positive proof of this on the net. It is more likely that Kennedy finally realised GA was a complete fruitcake and has gone his own way. He has deleted every account from the internet including youtube. Morris had the biggest disappointment of his life recently when he tried to drum up support for his holocaust petition barley scraping the 100 he begged for and then promising to reveal his "master plan" when he reached the 100. Errr? Where the fuck is it Paul? While were on the subject of his latest lunatic ramblings where the fuck is your "octopus" Paul? Anyone reading the mans rantings can see he is totally unhinged and detached from reality but the thing that makes me laugh is the idiots reading his shit are prepared to donate their hard earned money to this crazy fool. No blog cost over £300 per month to run as Morris claims and his constant threats to "jack it all in" are nothing more than his way of testing his support while begging for more money. You are right to keep asking where this money goes Sean. Keep the pressure on him he is bad news and deserves to be questioned. I have long suspected that he is a closet red who uses his blog to cause fall-outs among nationalists.

  5. wellard67

    Morris has spent years bumming cash from the DHSS and well meaning nationalists. The man is a pleb! Full of shit with his invented past lives. The truth is he is not even registered to vote in the UK!! Some nationalist? Bangs on about his credentials but when his "best friend" John of Gwent stood for election Morris couldn't even be bothered to help the guy out or attend the count as an agent. Wanker!


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