If you were bitten by a mad infected dog……………..

“Threatening is part of the Moshe-Dayan-Method. The former Israeli Defence Minister Moshe Dayan once said: “Israel must be like a mad dog, too dangerous to bother.”


Brownie points to Mr. DeNiro for his honesty on this matter.


8 thoughts on “If you were bitten by a mad infected dog……………..

  1. Anonymous

    Good piece by Dr Lasha Darkmoon on truthseeker further evidence of the systematic attempt by Talmudic jews to destroy white christian civilisation in Russia. Of course the Socialist and liberal infestation in British schools wont take our children to Russia to see the real holocaust.Darkmoon states 66 million Russian christians were murdered this figure could be as high as 140 million according to Jura Linni ?The tragedy and genocide in Russia was carried out by very few shabas goy here in Britain and the rest of the West we have large numbers of them something for us to bear in mind.Whiteboar

  2. Anonymous

    Jura lini is the writer/film maker not as i've written above !!!! In the Shadow of Hermes for those nationalists who want to see the full extent of the Jewish Revolution in Russia.Whiteboar


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