Why the "Hasbara Force" and their "Sayanim" (useful idiots), will always fail.

You can always observe the Sayanim, part of the “Hasbara force” come out in comments sections, when Israel is correctly critisized/exposed.

A great deal of the world dislikes the illegal state of Isreal, (a statistical fact) it’s understandable really, considering the abuses that the bandit state is allowed to get away with, with impunity.
These Sayanim clearly are unaware or don’t understand the saying/concept: “There is no point in closing the stable door, when the horse has already bolted”.

If the Sayanim really want to protect Jewish people, they should be attacking (metaphorically) the bandit states leaders like Netanyahu and Livni, these are the people who actualy make “Jews” so disliked.

If you Sayanim (useful idiots) and the bandit states misrulers stopped interfering in Britain’s and most other countries politics, there would be no problem or need for articles exposing the likes of the C.S.T. (Article directly below). This is why I call them idiots, they are too stupid to realise that they are making the problems for “Jews” worse not better.

It’s utter self defeating madness on thier part.:


Read more about how the “Hasbara Force” and the “Sayanim” operate here: 


“I feel very sorry for the ordinary Jews, the Israeli government is going to create a holocaust against them

“The Israelis sadly, are the most hated people in the history of the world, mostly because of their government’s arrogance and genocide; they could hire a million students, it wouldn’t make one jot of difference. You can’t make a silk yarmulke out of a pig’s ear.”

And here: 


Thanks anon., for the above link.


30 thoughts on “Why the "Hasbara Force" and their "Sayanim" (useful idiots), will always fail.

  1. Anonymous

    Judaism Uncovered by Michael Hoffman.Controversy of Zion Douglas Reed.Educate yourselves people,Satan's chosen few want the utter destruction of the;white race,true christianity and nationalism.The Protocols of the Learned Elders should be read and understood by all nationalists, they are not FORGERIES check the facts.They were pronounced a forgery by a Jewish judge at the first court later overturned.Lots of material out there too numerous to mention.Gri££in's biggest crime was his censorship of good nationalist books preventing new nationalist members of the BNP becoming educated.Whiteboar

  2. Anonymous

    Useless slimy hatchet-nosed tory jooboy Jeremy 'the cunt' Hunt is trying to fool the English people by giving the false impression he genuinely cares and is concerned about the plight of eldery White gentiles who'll be forced into selling their family homes to pay for their care into old age, after spending a lifetime working and being already fleeced by paying unlawful onerous joo taxes and fines of unlawful statutory offences created by the voracious parasitical joo vermin infesting the zionist shitpits going by the sobriquets, the House of Lords and the House of Commons.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Twinkletoes Vince 'Mincing' Cable is another White-Gentile-hating cunt – the zionist joo arsehole is again ratchetting-up the zionist genocidal program of wiping-out the English/White Race from the face of the Earth by planning and ochestrating the invasion of Britain by immigrant workers from pestiferous shithole countries where criminality and corruption are national doctrines, and honesty, integrity, effective equitable laws and decent politicians are only rumours rarely heard of – pretty much like the cesspit Britain has been turned into by the filthy joo invaders.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Talking of useful idiots, the british resistance site was showing 536 online guests at one point today *coughs* bullshit! The fat marrow must just type in whatever number he wants. Great fat impotent social nationalist…… whatever that is!

  5. Silly Kuffar

    I think this is what our my little obnoxious friend was getting at the other day -Jews admit that they are not the descendants of the ancient Israelites in their writingshttp://www.israelect.com/reference/WillieMartin/Jews_Are_Not_Israelites.htmI don't know why he didn't just answer my question.So much for so-called "EDUCATING" the people on who the non-Semitic Jews really are. Which must be now about 95% of them.

  6. Anonymous

    Private Militia & Intelligence gathering: Community Security Trust The Jews in Britain also have a 2,000 strong vigilante group called the Community Security Trust or CST. Gerald Ronson, a billionaire and convicted fraudster is Chairman of the CST (2009). When the CST was established in 1995/6 the London Metropolitan Police and the Greater Manchester Police were prevailed upon by the then Conservative government to provide the CST's personnel with training and intelligence sharing. It is likely that the arrangement was devised by Neville Nagler, for years the senior Home Office civil servant in charge of race relations matters who, immediately upon retirement, was appointed Executive Director of the Board of Deputies of British Jews.This was a quite unprecedented and, I believe, extra-legal arrangement between the British police and a private political security formation with close and admitted connections with a foreign power. The arrangement has continued under a Labour government despite the appointment of Ronson, a convicted criminal, as the CST chairman. More The Board of Deputies of British Jews maintains extensive records on anyone who opposes them. Maintaining what is effectively a private militia and flaunting the 1984 Data Protection Act are illegal, yet these activities have been condoned by the former Commissioner and Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police.

  7. Silly Kuffar

    I find it strange that someone who professes to be a NATIONALIST can find time to or even the inclination to slag off other NATIONALISTS.No wonder Nationalism is where it is today.But you carry lad, slag me off as much as you want you won't get another reply, I'm too busy trying to save what's left of MY COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.Signed,An INDIGENOUS BRITISH PATRIOT,Anthony Farrell.

  8. Silly Kuffar

    Ooops,"Silly Kuffar is realy Tom Noddy thevillage oaf of old wigan town."I find it strange that someone who professes to be a NATIONALIST can find time to or even the inclination to slag off other NATIONALISTS.No wonder Nationalism is where it is today.But you carry on lad, slag me off as much as you want, if that's how you get off, you won't get another reply, I'm too busy trying to save what's left of MY COUNTRY AND PEOPLE.Signed,An INDIGENOUS BRITISH PATRIOT,Anthony Farrell.

  9. Anonymous

    Silly Kuffar/An INDIGENOUS BRITISH PATRIOT @ 23 & 23:37~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~As the word 'British' is wantonly, indiscriminately and gratuously bestowed non-indigenous-English people exactly what kind of a British nationalist are you? – British joo, maybe? – Chinky British, perhaps – a dope-addicted Jamaicoon or a knuckle-dragging tree-swinging Africoon nigger, possibly? – or a braindead deadbeat wigger with grand delusions of being a White Race nationalist?Fly On The Wall

  10. Anonymous

    FLY ON THE WALL SAID……….Twinkletoes Vince 'Mincing' Cable is another White-Gentile-hating cunt.Well Vince Cables MP first wife was Asian and he was blessed with 3kids, so we know how we stand.


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