Community Security Trust. Hiding in plain site.

(Jeff Haynes / Agence France Presse)

Revealed: UK anti-Semitism watchdog charity helps lead Israel anti-boycott group

The Community Security Trust, or CST, is a British charity which claims a singular dedication to monitoring and combating anti-semitism.
But The Electronic Intifada has learned of the CST’s leading role in a group whose stated aims are to fight boycotts of Israel and “opposing anti-Zionist activity.”
At a July 2012 meeting of the Fair Play Campaign Group, a presentation slide stated the CST was part of their executive committee, according to a source who attended.
The source told The Electronic Intifada that the meeting, vaguely advertised as taking place [PDF] at a “central London location,” happened at BMA House in Tavistock Square.
Documents that the Fair Play Campaign Group has filed with Companies House list CST offices in Hendon, north London as a secondary address for the campaign.
The CST said yesterday that no one from the communications department was available to take my call. Spokesman Mark Gardner did not return voicemail or email which asked whether CST’s involvement in the campaign was a violation of its charitable remit.
CST’s listing with the Charity Commission [PDF] says it “seeks to protect Britain’s diverse and vibrant Jewish community from the external threats of bigotry, antisemitism and terrorism” but mentions nothing about boycotts – or indeed anything about Israel at all.

Just a charity?

The “Fair Play” group’s website says it “was established by the Board of Deputies of British Jews and the Jewish Leadership Council” but does not mention the CST’s role.
The CST is usually careful not to talk about its anti-Palestinian campaigning activities in public, for fear of calling its charitable status into question. On one occasion, the CST appears to have asked a newspaper to remove mention of such activities from the online version of one of its articles.

In September 2011, the UK law on universal jurisdiction was changed, supposedly making it easier for Israeli ministers and generals charged with war crimes to visit the UK without fear of being arrested. The Jewish Chronicle published an article quoting the Board of Deputies as acknowledging “the efforts of the various communal groups, in particular the Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), Board of Deputies, CST and Friends of Israel groups that have helped to ensure the safe passage of the bill” (my emphasis).
But “CST” was soon removed from the online version of the article, apparently after spokesman Mark Gardner intervened (see screen shot above).

CST’s links to Israeli spies

As my previous investigations for The Electronic Intifada have shown, the CST has long had a pro-Israel, Zionist agenda, with a particular focus on combating the BDS movement.
In December 2011, I revealed how the CST had secretly denounced pro-boycott Jewish activists to the British government as “extreme” and “unrepresentative.”
The documents came to light in the course of the 2011 Raed Salah affair, when the Palestinian religious and political leader was arrested in London – with the CST-backed government attempt to deport him from the country ultimately failing.
In the same article, I quoted Antony Lerman (founder and former director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research), who said that CST has had links with the Mossad, Israel’s spy agency. The Mossad is said to train CST volunteers in self-defense.
The CST refused to comment on those revelations at the time, and has never done so since, to my knowledge, and certainly not to me.
Unanswered questions remain as to the the nature of their links with Israel, including Israel’s overseas assassination and kidnapping wing. So far the CST has refused to confirm or deny whether it infiltrates Palestine solidarity groups in the UK – it clearly monitors them.
We should demand they cease building their files on us, and hand over any such information. 


25 thoughts on “Community Security Trust. Hiding in plain site.

  1. Silly Kuffar

    Does Mossad also have evidence of Paedophilia within the Roayl Family and the LibLabConned Party too ?A quick look around Britain today shows how far this country's Governments have failed us. Our enemies have nearly destroyed us without even firing a shot and getting our armed forces out of the way through cuts and involving them in ILLEGAL FOREIGN WARS against countries who have never been a threat to us or attacked us.Only Israel needs/wants Islamic Countries attacked by the west and they have succeeded in forcing our Governments to send OUR Mothers and Fathers, Sons and Daughters, Grandchildren, Aunts and Uncles to FIGHT and DIE on ISRAELS ENEMIES FIELDS.We need to get rid of all ISRAELI, JEWISH AGENCIES operating in and/or with access to Parliament and Governments.But that goes for ALL FOREIGN AGENCIES not just ISRAELI.

  2. Anonymous

    Strictly speaking, it is incorrect to call an ancient Israelite a "Jew" or to call a contemporary Jew an "Israelite" or a "Hebrew." The first Hebrews may not have been Jews at all," The Jewish Almanac (1980)

  3. Silly Kuffar

    Anonymous said… "Your not paying attension you silly silly Kuffar." 11 February 2013 00:07Please excuse my ignorance.Could you enlighten me more to your statement then ?

  4. Silly Kuffar

    "Silly Kuffar your one of those no-marks who goes through life knowing everything yet grasp nothing its called ignorance."Then Enlighten me to what you mean ?And I never stated I was anybody special I just asked you a question.Is it too hard to answer?

  5. Silly Kuffar

    Good Good, quite easy to hook the TROLL.And I'm not a WOOLYBACK.And I'm too much of an Englishman to use profanities or childish remarks an will therefore remain aloof to you, as Gentleman should.

  6. GriffinWatch

    You can always observe the Sayanim, part of the "Hasbara force" come out in comments sections, when Israel is correctly critisized/exposed.A great deal of the world dislikes the illegal state of Isreal, it's understandable really, considering the abuses that the bandit state is allowed to get away with.These Sayanim clearly are unaware or don't understand the saying "There is no point in closing the stable door, when the horse has already bolted".If the Sayanim really want to protect Jewish people, they should be attacking the bandit states leaders like Netanyahu and Livni, these are the people who actualy make "Jews" so disliked.If you Sayanim (useful idiots) stopped interfering in Britain's and most other countries politics, there would be no problem or need for articles exposing the likes of the C.S.T.. This is why I call them idiots, they are too stupid to realise that they are making problems for "Jews" worse not better.It's utter madness on thier part.:

  7. Anonymous

    Anonymous said… The Great Kate Middleton Scam…She and William are JEWS!11 February 2013 02:54………..research past Griffin Watch posted comments and you'll see GW was the first English nationalist blog to expose the unpalatable truth that the present royal family are all German jews. Even Phil the Greek is a crypto German jew. Fly On The Wall was the first to expose the Windsor royal family as all being jews.Pax Parabellum


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