What a bloody cheek!!!!!! The Chutzpah of Griffin.

 Allow me to translate Griffins latest email, for those not fluent in “GriffinTalk”.

“We need to sell some voice of freedom newspapers pretty sharpish, I’ve just landed the party and it’s members with a £67,000 bill (see post below. Ed.) and I’m buggered if I’m paying it from my bank account.”


7 thoughts on “What a bloody cheek!!!!!! The Chutzpah of Griffin.

  1. Anonymous

    Sean have you thought about putting a buffet on with a couple of bottles of cheap vino over the next weekend for a few of your loyal blog followers we can discuss the best way forward. Danny La Roo.

  2. Anonymous

    VoF sales have plummeted, The BNP is in free fall. There aren't many branches left to flog it. The only people left in the party are idiots and spivs on the make.

  3. Anonymous

    Gri££in is really desperate for money – hope obviously springs eternal in Gri££in's £ Grabbin household because the one-eyed cunt recently sent me a Voice of Fiction in the vain hope I would be paying for it – didn't bother reading it and would've used it for wiping my arse but for the brain-numbing bullshit guaranteed already printed therin.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    40 turned up for the Griffin Road show in the West Midlands and they are calling it a Massive Success at the First National Regional Tour Meeting ! Griffin should revert to merging the Moomins with the the Clangers and move to Button Moon as there would probably be more idiots that would give to that cause.


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