Music that moves me. Check out the lyrics.


7 thoughts on “Music that moves me. Check out the lyrics.

  1. Anonymous

    BREAKING NEWS – the Food Standards Agency announced they found traces of meat in a Tesco beefberger – a Tesco spokesman told your feerless roving erudite Gri££in Watch reporter, Fly On The Wall, that Tesco was conducting an in-depth investigation into this outrage of meat being in a Tesco beefberger – moving onto the Horse Racing Association Headquarters, Newmarket – on hearing the news that Findus bergers contained 100% horse meat, the filthy-rich camel-shagging sandrat, Sheik Musthavawank, screamed "Curses on Allah's sand-filled hairy arsehole, so that's where my fuggin string of arabian racehorses ended up after the fuggin yardboy left the fuggin stable doors open"Fly On The Wall – reporting close to the border lands of webfooted Fendroids

  2. Anonymous

    The propagand arm of the British Corporation Government, the British mainstream media, is bigging-up the capitulating cast-iron cunt Camoron by pretending the cherographed EU farcical tragedy of the homo-hugging cast-iron cunt supposedly lowering Britain's treasonous danegeld payments to the European Soviet Union when in fact those treasonous danegeld payments are being increased to nearly £70million per day.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    There's now irrefutable cast-iron evidence that the pair self-serving self-enriching commie cunts, closet bumboy Tony Charles Lynton Blair and the filthy piece of zionist shit, jooboy Jack Straw, are guilty of the international crime of torture – instead of wasting time by harrassing motorists around the clock and fucking around, sticking their snouts into patriotic English blogs, foremost of them Gri££in Watch, Old Bill should be feeling the collars of the above pair of cunts, drag them naked through the streets and slowly hang the cunts in the green of Parliament Square – as their war crimes and treaon are self-evident no trial would be necessary.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Glad your back FLY !Regarding turd burglar blair our day is coming and it will be a great day when this piece of Fabian shite takes that walk to the traitors gallows.Whitus Boarium (ratae coritanium last resting place of the last king of England)

  5. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, hail and greetings – last night I watched on my unlicensed telly (8 a recording of the stage-managed 7/2/2013 Question Time chereographed farce played out in Stirling – it didn't take long for sussing that the hand-picked audience was deliberately packed with homosexuals and lesbians, with them being stragically spaced well apart so to convey the false impressions that all the shit-shovellers and dildo-sucking-and riding jockeys were a fair representation of the demographic ratio of these mentally defective sexual perverts much loved by the cast-iron cunt Camoron, are distributed in the population – predictable, when the bearded Scots businessman sitting to the right of sickingly oleous cast-iron Common Purpose cunt David Dumbfuckby, started talking common sense indicating homosexuality and lesbianism are socially and morally destructive, and that many highy-profile shit-stabbers themselves didn't give a shit (a pun too far (8) or a bumfuck about same-sex marriage, and were satisfied civil partnership unions sufficed for the legal requirements of the Queer Brigade, the obiviously-planted mentally defective sexual perverts instantly became a howling viciferous mob screaming, yelling, shouting and hurling verbal abuse at the bearded Scot, with the intention of intimidating him and drowning out what he was telling the cowed hand-picked sheeple – the seemingly (to political vergins) uncanny ability hook-nosed jooboy Dimballby displayed in singling out depraved mentally defective sexual perverts to air and promote their criminally dearranged sexual views, one needed to be thick twat for not sussing out that before the televised brainwashing farce commenced jooboy David Dumballs had been genned-up on who were all the mentally defective sexual perverts were – I tell you, Whiteboar, we're surrounded by cunts – can't take a step without treading on one of them.By the way, anon @ 01:23, fuck off before a vortex sucks you headlong back up into your homo-lessy-hugging Great Leader's cast-iron arsehole.Fly On The Wall


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