Griffin wastes another £67,000 of members money.

“Griffin’s former solicitors, Gilbert Davies & Co., now have judgment against
him for £67,000 after a hilarious hearing at Mold County Court on Wednesday.

Gri££in’s inept advisers, Charles Henry & Co., had failed to read an order
of 12th November 2012 properly. It included the trial date of 6th February
2013, despite which they claimed that they did not have proper notice of the
date and the court staff had breached Griffin’s human rights! I was not
aware that fat, one-eyed pigs have human rights.

His Honour Judge Perry refused the typical  late applications for an
adjournment, stay, etc., and heard the evidence.  Gilbert Davies & Co. got
judgment against Griffin in the sum of £67,000.

More of the legacy money will now go to help the legal profession in these
hard times.  A noble cause, but not quite what the donors had intended!”


Thanks to one of our southern sources.



7 thoughts on “Griffin wastes another £67,000 of members money.

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you again!I thought I was a moral man, advocating a bullet in the head, rather than acid injections and torture for those who have offended me.Even paedophile murderers, I believe, should be terminated mercifully and by surprise.Yet I gloat and take pleasure in each plague god gives Gri££in

  2. Anonymous

    Filthy syphiletic-ridden jooboy GreVile Janner has order a batch of Brooks Bike Saddles specially cushioned and custumed contoured for the bruised arseholes of his bike-riding boy scout victims of his sexual abuse – don't trust Tom Watson – he's leading everyone on a wild goose chase heading away from the verminous paedophile Pestminster scum he daily rubs shoulds with in the House of Commie Criminals.Fly On The Wall


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