Gilbart-Smith, more info. surfaces as the establishment paedophile cover-up unfolds.

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In 1964 aged 12 Willy Walters was one of the first boys to enter Green Field House and was systematically abused by Prescott, Burkett and others. Walters went on to become an abuser raping photographing and filming the younger boys with paedophiles in the south of England.
Early December in 1970 Donald Prescott the paedophile warden of GFH Maidenhead was rumbled and forced to leave the children’s home. When police started an investigation in December 1970, one of Prescott’s paedophile mates from London a Ted Burkett fled to Australia.
In 1970 Gilbart-Smith was 23 years of age, Smith went on to make many millions in the city of London and at the age of 40 in 1987 he became a Lloyd’s ‘name’ and retired from working.
The year before Smiths retirement in 1986 Prescott in his 50’s died of a heart attack! Burkett had since returned from Australia and after Prescott’s death Burkett approached Willy Walter’s parents to be told that their son was in Wandsworth prison. Burkett visited Walters in Wandsworth and told him this story.
“In 1970 Prescott was forced to leave GFH and the police started an investigation. Prescott broke into his old office at GFH as he had hidden pornographic photos of Gilbart-Smith with young boys. Prescott took the photos to Mr Gilbart-Smith senior saying; “If I go down I am taking your son with me!” Prescott received a large sum of money from Gilbart-Smith senior, Prescott then bribed a DC Carstairs and the police investigation was wound down!”

As Gilbart-Smith became successful in the city of London, Prescott continued to blackmail Smith until his untimely death in 1986. When Prescott died Burkett and Walters took up the mantle of blackmailing Smith with photos that Walters retrieved from a trunk that Burkett had stored in the attic of his sister’s house when he fled to Australia. Burkett’s life also came to an abrupt end, and Smith did a deal with Walters to buy his silence. Walters purchased a number of properties in Carshalton Surrey with his new found wealth.
In May 2010 Walters just escaped being prosecuted for child abuse and agreed to give evidence at  the Gilbart-Smith trial. Walters said that he was not abused by Smith and further said that he had little to do with the “posh man” Walters finished giving evidence at 3.08 on Wednesday 18th May 2010 the next day he had a heart attack and was dead by Friday.
One theory is that Prescott was murdered to stop the blackmail impinging into Gilbart-Smiths retirement. Burkett possibly went the same way and Walters was murdered before the jury returned the ridiculous “not guilty” verdicts! Walters knew far too much and would have been under a lot of pressure from the other victims to speak out after the nonsensical verdicts. Smith of course had the perfect alibi for Walters’s murder as he was sat in the dock at Reading Crown Court.
Gilbart-Smith has not instituted any civil or criminal proceedings against me for writing The Paedotrial, the reason being he is a very confused scared man, as he has got by all of his life by paying out cash or killing!

Make sure that you don’t miss tomorrow’s blog, money doesn’t buy silence!
John Affleck

Thought for the day

You can never be too rich to good looking or too careful!

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