An open comment to the British Resistance website. UPDATED.

I doubt that this comment will be published.

You clearly can’t stop Morris, he has control of the website, the best thing that you can do is publically distance yourself from Morris, or be tarred with his same money grabbing brush, the choice is yours…………………

I can‘t help you, if you don’t want to be helped, ask Morris where the website donations go, we have and guess what?, Morris refused to answer……………. 


28 thoughts on “An open comment to the British Resistance website. UPDATED.

  1. Anonymous

    This was in November 2011: Morris wetting himself over Britain First.And now this: track record is at least consistent; the Green Arrow did exactly the same with Griffin – masturbated and promoted the scumbag non-stop, ignored the warning signs, went far passed the point of no return, and then dropped the BNP like it was hot with a 'I Told You So' attitude that sums up the man (and the myth) incredibly accurately.Let's face the facts: the Green Arrow is as fabricated comic book hero and was not in the NF in the seventies as he claims. the Green Arrow has done nothing to further the cause of nationalism, instead he has tireless promoted two con-artists in both Griffin and Dowson. The Green Arrow has either shown complete lack of personal judgement or he has been caught out once again attempting to derail nationalism.Let us hope that this is the last time the Welsh Windbag can affect the movement and just fades into madness and obscurity. Why does our cause attract such fat, useless muppets who think that hosting a fucking blog is "activism"? RIP GA you will not be missed.

  2. GriffinWatch

    " Anonymous Anonymous said… Hadley you dogging sodomite we know where you are hiding. 4 February 2013 23:14 Delete"Is that a threat? Hardmen don't threaten, they just do. Go away and stop trying to waste our time.Imbecile.

  3. Anonymous

    Morristein in the National Front? – FFS, if his present IQ were ten-fold more than now, the thick cunt would still be too stupid to qualify as a fruitcake farm inmate – Morristein, you fantasizing wanker, your name does not appear on any National Front membership list – as as pseudo-English nationalist jooboy journo' Richard Littlejohnny's – now fuck-off back up Gri££in's arsehole before I say someting rude I'll never regret.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Talking of stupid cunts – England is deep in shit finacially, socially,industrially and morally while the foremost problem the tory jooboy Minister of justice is wrestling with is some criminal arsehole rag-headed mudslime residing in Brixton, or where ever, at Lizzie's pleasure, has discovered pork DNA in his halal sheeps-eyes burger – and if that's not surreal enought to make you lose the will to live and hang yourself, the following might just push you over the edge – about 07:oo the Boy Bumming Criminals reported, with great fanfair, that the homo-hugging cast-iron cunt Camoron is leaning hard on (now there's an appropriate pun) the three leading anti-homo-lessy-marriage tory MPs – no doubt these three tory wankers will be dutifully dropping their knickers and bending over for their Great Leader to give them each the long-established traditional Eton Boys' welcome – the spineless tory wonder, QuiteShite-man Ian Dunghole-Smiff has already ignominiously bent over for this never-to-be-forgotten doubious pleasurable experience after pretending he was implacably opposed to same-sex marriage – so no mystery then why two local tory Town Councillors recently told the cast-iron twat to fuck-off, and went independent.Fly On The Wall – your unbiased political commentator reporting via a 'wild' signal not yet pulled by hidden hands behind the curtain(8

  5. Anonymous

    The Green Arrow is now claiming that Rupert Murdoch is a Jew:"Ok, then who owns the News Corporation with this strangle hold on BSkyB?Why that would be the Jew and Zionist, Rupert Murdoch and his family who controls the anti-white poison that flows out from the world's second-largest media company."He'd better check under the bed tonight!

  6. Anonymous

    From the above link:" Australian Jews…. Hmmmm. Give us a minute here. Billionaire mogul Rubert Murdoch, maybe?Well, it depends on who you believe. According to some out there, Rubert's great-great-grandmother, Caroline Jemima Sherson, was Jewish. But considering that research found that the young Jemima was baptized before she was one year old, we highly doubt those first-mentioned sources.Of course, it's possible that Jemima's parents were Jewish and converted, but this puts us in the 1700s. So even if there is that Jewish link, it's long been dissipated."

  7. Anonymous

    just heard on the news that that hotbed of anal antics the house of bummers, eer sorry i mean commons, has voted for gay marriage. No doubt the turdcrushers will all be celebrating with a big daisy chain marmite stabbing party on Brighton pier tonight. I bet fatty closet muckminer Martin "Scatman" Reynolds shot his load in his xxxxlarge knickers when he heard the news!David Hayes sore toe

  8. Anonymous

    Murdoch is a jew who was raised in the tlmudic tradition – that is recorded fact – while many joos are baptised into Chritianity, in nearly every instance they are de facto cryptic joos who never abandon their core criminal joo values, their hatred of White Race Gentiles nor their zealous support for the terrorist zionist arsehole state of Itsahell on Earth.Fly On The Wall

  9. Anonymous

    Sorry folks – cancell my request at 5 February 2013 23:31 – Eddy the Butler and 51Mon Darby have just booked a nightly manage-a-troi with me for the next six months.Shmelly Rose

  10. Anonymous

    sean defends peadophiles now 48-YEAR-old man, banned from associating with children after he asked a schoolgirl to take pictures of him in the nude, was caught with three young girls at his home.Terrence Hadley, of Ashby Road, Scunthorpe, was given an Asbo on November 15, 2007.There were a number of prohibitions, these included associating with any children under 18 years old, Grimsby Crown Court heard.Martin Haigh, prosecuting, said the order was made after Hadley approached a young girl on November 11, 2006."He asked the complainant if she would take pictures of him without any clothes on," he said.Hadley then showed the girl a picture of himself, which she believed showed him naked.A few days after this, he asked another school girl if she would take pictures of him in the nude.And, later that month, he approached two 13-year-old girls."He asked them to take pictures of him. He gave them his telephone number. When they rang him he asked them to go around to his house," said Mr Haigh.The girls, he said, were 'upset' and did not go to his address.But earlier this year police found the girls at his home.Hadley, who admitted breaching the Asbo was given a 12-month community supervision order.

  11. GriffinWatch

    How have I defended paedophiles? This blog is currently exposing establishment paedophiles.The mentioned scumbag is dead. Good riddance to him.Care to explain why you are trying to attack me?, over a dead scumbags actions?Please do let our readers know.Over to you. 🙂

  12. Anonymous

    Sam Joyce – 15 years old and had underage sex with Sean Hadley Sean Hadley had underage sex with a 15 year old girl. Samantha Joyce was the victim of this abuse. Under UK law, consensual underage sex is illegal.Eventually it is believed that Samantha had a baby with Sean Hadley, also related to Terrence Hadley, a man convicted and banned from associating with children after he asked a schoolgirl to take pictures of him in the nude, was caught with three young girls at his home.

  13. GriffinWatch

    It's Samantha Hadley actually, my wife. We have two beautiful children together.And that is the last time that you try to target my direct family.You have made yourself look stupid enough already, now haven't you.Sean

  14. Anonymous

    It's Samantha Hadley actually, my wife. We have two beautiful children together………Who is the father your back legs are gone according to local shop gossip.

  15. GriffinWatch

    I'll let that comment stand, just to show what a sick fucker you are and how desperate you are.You get no more comments tho. You need help. Sick people like you always do.You don't even wind me up. I feel sorry for you, you are a danger to the public.Sean


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