Gary Mckinnon has his say.


3 thoughts on “Gary Mckinnon has his say.

  1. Anonymous

    Interesting GW.I'm still not convinced by the UFO stuff but the Free Energy he spoke was what the Germans were working on before and during the war.How strange the bad old Germans were working on something positive and the poor old Jews worked on WMDs.? Thats the difference in our respective natures.Whiteboar

  2. Anonymous

    The German experiment was called "die glocke" plenty of stuff on the net and youtube for those nationalists not familiar.They were also working on lots of stuff way ahead of our time.I've seen pictures of aircraft looking very like "flying saucers"The Yanks captured a lot of this material and their scientists this is why they've created the UFO myth.The last thing the Learned Elders want is white people knowing how succesful any form of Nationalism can be.Bolshevism and Zionism are both similar in ideology; they're both fuedal/slave and anti technology,both civilisation destroyers.Nationalism is civilisation building.Whiteboar


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