Word has it that Griffin is worried.

The Walkers and Patsy are now against Griffin, (well, the free euro ride is going to end soon), meanwhile Griffins main problem is Jefferscum, a career criminal/state grass, whom will make mincemeat of Griffo as soon as he gets the chance, as Griffo knows.  The fallout will, no doubt, be spectacular.

You heard it here first at G.W. 😉

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention, notice how the latest B.N.P. email came from Griffin, Griffin clearly has a right proper Charlie controlling the members (not Nicks) website.



11 thoughts on “Word has it that Griffin is worried.

  1. Anonymous

    Jtfferscum is like Master Blaster in Barter Town, in the Mad Max film Beyond Thunderdom – thick as pigshit with the one-eyed parasitical political joo pygmy Gri££in riding on his back and telling the thick moronic cunt what to think, do and attack – you gotta give it to stumblebum – Jefferscum's never that deep in shit that he can't go deeper – way to go, Clive.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Should any new Nationalist movement ever arise from the ashes of the BNP then these people should be kept at arms length because they have watched it die a death and only stayed on the sinking ship for the Griffarge dollar.

  3. Leona

    Cant wait, how long have i amongst many other true Nationalists waited for the day Griff Nickin colllapses, along with his bum chums. I hope they chew each others faces off ..and boy do i mean that, even better i hope some one tops Gri££in .


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