An open letter to the "Green Arrow" aka Paul Morris.

It has been brought to my attention that actual white nationalists are wondering where the money goes that you extract from well meaning nationalists (just like Griffin ?), for the supposed running of your website?

Could you please provide us with a breakdown of your alledged website costs?

I’ll email you this article  Paul, with screenshots.

Hoping to receive your reply shortly.


Sean Hadley.
G.W. Editor.


6 thoughts on “An open letter to the "Green Arrow" aka Paul Morris.

  1. GriffinWatch

    Paul only has to reveal his accounts, to sort matters out, now doesn't he?Swine? No, utter and completly motivated ruthless bastard, yes, I stand accused.I intend to win, for my people.Sean.

  2. Anonymous

    Nationalist's are a broad church in different groups at this moment in time.They will work together when the time is right.Attack Gri££in but stop attacking Tom Dick and Harry you will deplete yourself, your site has done rather well this week dont spoil your good work.It becomes rather embarrassing and we dont want to come across as to cranky do we.

  3. Anonymous

    Is it resentment or has Sean Hadley got a genuine crudge against Mr Morris of the BR site If so I think we should be told in full, hints are not a good enough response.


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