Protected establishment paedophiles exposed in a new book. "The PaedoTrial".


February 1st offical launch date!

If you purchase a book it will be shipped on Feb 1st

John Affleck
Author of The Paedotrial, Bible teacher & speaker   

“After years of historic child abuse cases in children’s homes from the 60’s, 70’s, & 80’s hitting the headlines, 2012 saw a new level of deviancy with the celebrity peadophile scandals.
The Paedotrial, highlights a level of deviancy, manipulation and intrigue in the psychological makeup of a paedophile, which is so deceitful and brazen, it is difficult to believe that a lone individual could be so cunning. One of the main paedophiles named in the book, is a high profile City of London Lloyds name, who has paid out millions of pounds (documented) to separate himself from his paedophile activities and stay out of jail, whilst at the same time being placed under police protection (documented) from his many now adult male victims, which were as young as nine years of age when he raped them. (documented)
The Paedotrial is an easy to read, intelligently written book, which includes a member of the Royal family and Lord Lucan. The book reads more like a fictional thriller than a true life story…”

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19 thoughts on “Protected establishment paedophiles exposed in a new book. "The PaedoTrial".

  1. Anonymous

    Doctor Bong has got it spot on again Sean… Well Here We Go Again Mr Morris The GA And His Boy Play The Victims. What A Laugh. Taken from the BR please peruse the following quotes. " Now I for one have no intentions of being re-educated or stopping my nationalist rattle. Show some balls and sign the petition and then when the numbers exceed 100, I will reveal my cunning plan. Failing that, do not sign and do not look in the mirror when you shave, because you will find a coward staring back at you." Is he fecking nuts Mr Morris the GA ? Well yes he is. PS Cunning plan ? Does He now think he's Baldrick ? Read this "Now if this site, which is probably the UKs most read Nationalist Website cannot persuade you to sign the petition then I fear we are doomed and so are our children and grand children." So You Say Ga , So You Say It gets worse again from the BR nonsense blog that needs a lot of cash to survive. "Now, despite the thousands of people who have read the call for a petition, only 38 brave Britons have signed the petition so far. If you believe that the Truth about the Holocaust must be discovered then you must overcome your fear and sign this petition, because I tell you this, if you do not, each time you look in the mirror you will see a coward staring back at you. You will have betrayed men like those Nationalist Heroes who are in Jail for trying to reveal the truth and you had better pray that the Greeks or Hungarians send some real men over to inject some fire into our women's bellies, so that the next generation of "Brits" might have the balls to fight for what they believe in. ( How can they be Brits if you advocate our women are getting Fecked by Foreigners GA ? ) "I now call on all the Nationalist political parties, organisations to ask their members to sign this petition and carry links to it on their sites, failure to do so will show that they are not serious about fighting Our Enemies who are intent on our extermination." Yet another demented threat . The Insanity Increases No political party or any sensible individual will have nothing to do with this complete lunatic any more. In my opinion the British Resistance is the biggest lie blog that has ever existed. The Truth Is This ! THE BRITISH RESISTANCE IS NOW NATIONALISM'S WORST ENEMY

  2. Anonymous

    I was tempted to sign the petition, on its own merit, until reading the wierd threat and inducement by G.A."Lay down with dogs and you get fleas" At best, this bloke is a nutter.His site is still there and will be frequented by those who come across it accidentally and are "impressed", but this guy's wierd bipolar nationalism excludes him from any future credibility.

  3. Anonymous

    The only `inning' and `outing' the lying cast-iron cunt Camoron will be doing over an EU nreferrend, is shafting the arses of styupid Joe Public – as I've stated before, the coke-sniffing Bullingdon Bastard has done more U-turns than a 50-year old rickshaw carting punters to Hong-Kong whore houses.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    One day fly on the wall will post without using foul language.Swearing – its not big and its not clever. Its done by thickies with a very poor vocabulary or by drunks!!!

  5. Anonymous

    The Police Federation/Corporation's claim that crime in Britan has fallen by 33% is a load of Camoronesgue lying bullshit – police constable John `Flat-Lining' Flatley claimed on BB1 TV News that the reason for the `supposed' drop in crimes recording was due to the police not knowing how to record crime – for fuck's sakes, how thick must one be to be unable to record a crime – in the last few years my local town has been continually culturally enriched with imported tree-swinging, knuck-gragging, baloon-tyre-lipped criminal nigggers – only a few days ago one of the cultural enrichers armed with a knife went into my frienmd's jewelry shop and, at knife point, threaten my friend's son, stole an expensive Cartier watch and smashed his way through the entrance door window when the door locked him in the shop – where were all the Old Bill when all the cultural nigger enriching was going on, you – probably back at Police headquarter, roasting and scratching their arses while having hot tea and tiffin while deep in discussion trying to work out the Crime Times Table – one crime = 1 – two crimes = 2 – three crimes = 3 – FFS, i'm losing the will to live (8Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Anon @ 20:41 – nothing wrong using good old fashioned Anglo Saxon expecatives for hammering home the truth – I'm neither thick nor do I drink – and I assure you I have a wider vocabulary than most – if you don't like the tone of my comments, don't read them – perchance, are you the leftie, Carol D. ? – if so, you're definitely on the wrong blog.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    – furthermore, the stregnth of my anglo Saxon lanquage represents the level of contempt I hold the dishonorable lying bastard and his Westminster corporat ganster collegues.Fly On The Wall

  8. Leona

    Exelent work Fly on the wall. Anonymous perhaps you should put your small efforts into actualy writing something that benefits this site rather than having a little bitch about others valuble efforts, like fly says perhaps you would be far better off on another blog. You do sound angry and confused to say the least.

  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous at 21:37, thanks – due to European Soviet Union anti-English fascist direcectives Britain is going to sink further below the waves in twelve months, when millions of immigrants from the two notorious criminal gyypo shithole countries, Romania and Bulgaria, start flooding into and further overwhelming our small once-beautiful once-law-abiding country, yet the coke-sniffing lying cast-iron cunt Camoron is putting-off his micky mouse `In-or-Out' referendum till 2018 in the full knowledge that every immigrant arsehole from those criminal gypo shithole countries will, together with the recent influx over 15-million immigrants from other impoverished cash-strapped shithole countries where criminality is a traditional way of life to survive daily, overwhelmingly vote to stay within the European Soviet Union – don't be fooled by those supposedly anti-EU tory wankers like Bernard jooboy Jenkin, who're all falling over each other, saying they're happy with cast-iron cunt Camoron's promise of a far-off `In-or-Out' referendum – it ain't gonna happen – the Tory wankers are relying on Camoron's dodgy promise to get them re-elected in 2015 – and once re-elected, lying cast-iron cunt Camoron will resign/step-down, and the new tosser Tory leader (cast-iron guaranteed to be another Bilderberger bastard like Camoron) will ditch Camoron's fairytale `In-or-Out' referendum on airy-fairy spurious reasons.Fly On The Wall

  10. Anonymous

    Miraculously, my ISP hasn't pulled the plug on me yet, so I'm making hay anmd skinning cats while the sun shines – MI5 must be pining for and missing my political commentaries (8PS – I may have got wrong the name of the dopey Cambridge University old bag who was gushing unadulturated bullshit on immigration, while appearing on jooboy Dimballby's Idiots' Question Time – if so, I unreservedly apologise to my unintended victim, whoever she may be – my intended victim was the brainless old arty-farty unmiversity lecturer, Mary `Bats-in the-Belfry' Beard – the so-called professor who speaks with an effectatious breathy voice – silly old cow.Fly On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    For Carol D. – in response to one of Gri££in Watch articles, you indicated Gri££in Watchers were disappointed because we weren't Griffin any/enough grief – while the reson detre for the creation of Gri££in Watch was to expose the MI5-planted corrupt bastard, political-wise Gri££in is no more than a twitching corpse we occasionally give a perfunctory good kicking for ensuring the one-eyed bastard doesn't do a Lazarus on us.Fly On The Wall

  12. Anonymous

    missed out `giving' between `weren't Gri££in' due to rushing before getting the plug pulled on me by my ISP – which happened about 23:40 – don't ask how I got reconnected – suffice saying it's a cat-and-mouse game (8Fly On The WallFOTW

  13. Anonymous

    I would advise anyone with an ounce of sense to stay well away from Morris' BR. The only comment allowed in the last 24 hours is some twat calling itself Brian Lane which is the name of one of the sleuths played by Alun Armstrong in the TV series New Tricks. His avatar is a Swastika on some fuzzy background and the comment he has left and has been allowed reads as follows……..Just noticed the petition and have signed it, have to say what are all the so called enlightened ones of the nationalist movement so scared to sign this for , hang your heads in shame you are a disgrace to your race. Comment ends. So while other comments are getting zapped, Morris allows one which slags off other nationalists just for not signing that poxy petition and giving their details to Mossad & Sons of Bitches. I wonder if in fact Brian Lane is Paul Morris? He's lost his marbles for sure.

  14. Anonymous

    Anon @ 12:31 said:Morris? He's lost his marbles for sure.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I opine Gri££in nicked them to use as spare glass-eyeballs – rumour has it that everytime Turdboy wacks one up Gri££o's arse his miggy eyeball rockets out of its socket with such force it can't be dug out of the brickwork (8Strange – everytime cast-iron twat Camoron asks us to "smell the coffee" the only thing I ever smell is pure bullshit.Fly On The Wall


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