S.A.S. could be used to hunt establishment paedophiles says. Met. D.C.I. Paul Settle, alledgedly.


“To see messages related to this one, group messages by conversation.


Dear Paul,

Since no one has been arrested in connection with the info I gave Alister Jackson and David Pallister I don’t believe it will help for me to meet with you and further since David is actively working with you, you therefore have the file and as you say it is on the web.

I don’t want to be a part of this, unless the powers that be, meet with me, who suffered the torment and real dangers of being involved in this in the first place.

I’m not being funny about this but my name crops up in this left right and center and that is disconcerting in itself. The only way I would feel protected is to meet with a top Government official and since they seemingly have no interest in me and what I have relentlessly done with my own resources as a volunteer in the meanwhile for child protection for the future dismantling of it and what I advocate for and on behalf of what was once a large membership (before this story took us down) then how on earth do you think that I in my right mind want to be involved in this again.

I am currently trying to get on with the development of children’s rights in this country and am having a hard time doing that because too of the powers that be!

Your attempts to get me involved again neither advise me of any procedure or assure me of anything. People got killed. We got closed down. I am just trying to keep to a more positive way of dealing with this and that is being marred by all this media and police contact. I don’t want to be a part of that. I made it clear, very very clear I want to meet with Government. So what is the problem?

I got a letter from the PM’s office saying the Home Office would meet with me. I then got a letter from the Home Office saying that I was to meet with you. That was a circular waste of time and the co-ordination in that is just a slap in the face so how can I take your nice email seriously.

You know that in all those years of being involved in this it was that that brought me to a very positive conclusion on how we go about helping the victims and potential ones. How does a Government then not want to speak with a key player in that and find out really cool, healing and not rock the boat politics, solutions, that help those victims now especially with such a National interest at present. It is prime opportunity for me to get what I want for all youth. Is that so difficult for the country to accept. There is now a door that could be open but it is not!

Politics is of no interest to me or to the victims but it is to those that see it as a way to bring down Government’s etc but what use is that to the victims. I do not come from a political camp. I had my eyes peeled open to abuses that were taking place and like many we just don’t want it. I know that development of right’s can be a frightening thing for people but we need that to happen for children. Not for those that don’t need it but for those that do. So the procedures and rights have to be in place and they still are not.

What use is there in all this if we cannot take the right steps. I have been hi-jacked in many ways before when even others were set up as puppet organization’s with controls put in there just so as the Government could say that they were actually doing something. What good are reports etc recommendations. A few arrests and a few innocent ones too. I see this for what it is. And I want no part of it and how dare you insinuate that I put things wrong by publishing what I have done on the web as to be honest it was better than giving it over to the police who COULD be said to be doing exactly what you purport may happen by me publishing it.

I think your approach should have not been so NICE just formal. Like

Dear Ms Moss,

We have put in place procedures of witness protection for any victim you may know of or can still track for us as well as resources for legal assistance in the form of solicitors and lawyers of the victim’s choice (backed by the CPS) with co-ordination to oversee the whole operation of any potential prosecutions by senior counsel (by a named chambers of high regard then you name and give history of their rep). We are currently using resources of National TV, the internet and of an army of highly trained sensitive specialist police officers who are tracking down the victims (and give some stats of work to date). We have been given unlimited resources and have the assistance of MI5 and 6 as well as the S.A.S in finding these abusive criminals and bringing a credible investigation to the public’s attention to show future abusers we mean business. We are also writing a report to put to the Hse of Common’s and the Lords to raise sentencing in this country. PTSD counselling is also available to you, your workers and the victims too as we understand you have all had such terrible knowledge for many years with no action being taken.

We understand that this is not an issue for which most people who have faced it want raised again but in the spirit of public interest in historical abuse we would ask if you would be happy to assist us at this time. We can provide such things as minor expenses like travel for all concerned. We perfectly understand if it is too difficult we have much experience of this with other crimes where people just don’t want to be involved for fear of their life. We can only reassure you the police and gov mean business this time.

Instead.. you treat us like kids stupid ones, 5 cops a secret op and we all get wounds opened that would prefer to stay well healed…

So you may not like me but I like myself.. and I do not want any more than to be left alone.. if that is okay with you, the Home Office and most especially the Government.

You have all I know. So rest assured I have nothing hidden and I don’t need to be dead or have my family destroyed or set up or beaten up or have an accident or mentally ill person attack me or be followed, hacked or bugged or anything of that nature. If the Gov have a change of heart I would really still like to talk to them.

Perhaps it is all too late to contain but there sure is a way of putting a good vibration on this and that is not happening.. I have been running and running to get positive change..

I am not the type to use this for myself.. it needs to happen.. you may see that in years to come

Subject: RE: Allegations of Abuse : Operation Fairbank
Date: Mon, 7 Jan 2013 10:59:39 +0000
From: Paul.Settle@met.police.uk
To: naypic@hotmail.com

Dear Mary


Thank you for your reply. I would like to reassure you once again that we are taking this matter very seriously and are committed to investigating it in its entirety. I have noticed that in addition to sharing the file with journalists, you have posted the documents online. whilst I appreciate that you have done this in good faith could I please ask that you share these documents with us at the earliest opportunity. There is a real danger that by publishing them in open forum, potential evidence may become contaminated by third party interference or even potentially destroyed. This of course will significantly reduce the chance of us achieving justice for the those victims who have suffered for so long. I truly believe that this is not your intention. Once more could I ask that you contact me at your earliest convenience so that  we can maximise the investigative opportunities that are contained within the documents you hold


Many Thanks




Paul Settle
Detective Chief Inspector”



14 thoughts on “S.A.S. could be used to hunt establishment paedophiles says. Met. D.C.I. Paul Settle, alledgedly.

  1. Silly Kuffar

    Could this be the beginning of the end for the murderous traitorous and foreign perverts now in positions of power ?Why would they need MI5&6 and the S.A.S unless their is a FOREIGN element to all this ?I just hope they catch those responsible and maybe they should investigate the Labour Party as a whole including Labour Councils, Councillors and party members, not forgetting the CON/DEMned lets hope they really mean business.Somehow, after the Savile allegations were found to date back to the 50s and nothing was done about those allegations I don't hold out much hope.But, in regards to Savile, could he be innocent and being set up, now he's dead, and unable to defend himself, in an effort to show WHITE INDIGENOUS MEN as more of a danger than the huge gangs of IMMIGRANT PAEDOPHILES who are drugging, beating, raping, abusing and trafficking WHITE INDIGENOUS CHILDREN amongst their communities?Just a thought.

  2. Anonymous

    Jimmy jooboy Savile hasn't been set-up – the fucking hook-nosed deviant zionist cunt was guilty of of all the depraved sexual crimes, and more, he's been accused of – beyond doubt jooboy jimmy had, for decades, at the behest of mossad, been setting up sexually depraved politicians and sexually epraved influential so-called Pillars-of-Society to be secretly filmed sexually abusing children of both sexes, so the joos/israhell could control the depraved perverted cunts through blackmail.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    To Wit for reinforcing my above comment – cast-iron corpration cunt Camoron and every one of his Westminmster ganster collkegues have been informed of the Holly Greig sex abuse scandal YET NOT ONE OF THOSE CROOKED CUNTS HAVE RAISED A PEEP OF PROTEST.Fly On Thje Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Fly, i would imagine every intel service in the world were falling over themselves to get in on the act,KGB,CIA etc.How do these politicians have the nerve to strut the world stage ? We shouldn't forget that many are Satanists and paedophilia is what they do (see Makow's recent article)Whiteboar

  5. alan B'Stard M P

    The SAS and mI5/6 are not police. They don't know about interviewing with the rules of evidence, people's rights at lawThey do not know how to conduct a record of interviewThey don't know how to collate and deal with information pertaining to criminal investigationA trial would be aborted if the jury found out suspects, with the presumption of innocence, made statements to the great unqualified

  6. Anonymous

    Anon… yes, the SAS suggestion is a load of establishment bullshit, as already indicated by Fly. Maid O France PS The reason Fly on the Wall is not posting his usual amount of comments is that his ISP is working in cahoots with the government/MI5/security services to deny him access to this site. The ISP in question is now being exposed as dancing to the British establishment's tune. Clearly Griffin Watch's articles and Fly on the Wall's strong commentaries exposing the lies and the crimes of the British government has hit the nail on the head and mortally wounding the traitors' reputations.I wish you all well in England.

  7. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, greetings – if mossad, MI5, MI6, the Duioem Bureau etc. released all the secretly-taken films of British politicians, judges, magistrates, lwayers, barristers, LibLabtory councillors high-ranking police officers, arch-bishops and lower-ranked clergy sexually abusing children, they'd put the joo-dominated porno flick industry permenently out of business.Fly On The Wall


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