Greville Janner to be arrested due to "Operation Fernbridge"? Lets hope so.

McAlpine, Mandelson, Gordon Brown, just a few names that spring randomly to mind.


4 thoughts on “Greville Janner to be arrested due to "Operation Fernbridge"? Lets hope so.

  1. TubThumper

    GW, you might want you take a look at the Proletarian saviours of the working class Socialist Workers Party rape cover-up crisis which has sent the left into a tailspin. Its Disputes Committee (don't they just love committees) decided not to involve “bourgeois police or courts” (O yes, the middle capitalist class, off with their heads) in the allegation against one of its leading activists Martin Smith. Its sent the party into panic and turmoil. Search for swp rape cover-up, swp rape crisis, swp martin smith.

  2. Anonymous

    Sending writs to Google just confirmed that Janner has a case to answer. Is he going to come tearing after us on that shiny bicycle he wasn't allowed to give Winston?

  3. Anonymous

    I read a newspaper article on the Beck trial and a 31 year old woman who had been in the care home was giving evidence against Beck. She didn't have to say it but she said in evidence that she overheard Beck telling Winston he 'Wasn't going to see Greville Janner again'. The police should arrest him early one morning and question him at the very least.But don't think for one second Tom Watson wants that to happen. He justs hates Tories.


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