Cliff Richard outed as a paedophile? In "Operation Fairbank".

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Elm Guest House Operation Fairbank Rumours

Elm Guest House Operation Fairbank Rumours

In November of last year, surrounded in secrecy, the Metropolitan Police began Operation Fairbank. It was set up after Tom Watson MP made allegations, in the House of Commons, of a “powerful paedophile ring” with links to a previous prime minister’s “senior adviser”. The widely held belief has been that Labour MP Tom Watson was referring to a member of Margaret Thatchers’s Conservative government.
Apparently, the Operation Fairbank investigation is just a “scoping exercise” aimed at a “preliminary assessment of the evidence rather than a formal inquiry”. Presumably that means if they find anything too incriminating then they can just ‘kill’ the investigation … or maybe I’m just getting a tad too cynical these days. Anyway, one of the areas of inquiry that the “scoping exercise” is … well … err … ‘re-scoping’ is a child sex abuse case from the late 70s and early 80s which centred around the Elm Guest House at 27 Rocks Lane, South West London.
The Elm Guest House was run by Carole Kasir between 1979-1982 where she provided an ‘unthreatening meeting place for homosexual men, free from the stigma of a sexual orientation’. An opportunity for gay men to “be themselves”. Following the sudden death of 47-year-old Kasir in 1990 from an insulin overdose, apparently, two social worker friends of hers gave some worrying evidence to the inquest. Mary Moss and Christopher Fay made allegations of the sexual abuse of children at the Elm Guest House. Carried out by rich and powerful men.
A party at the Elm Guest House was raided by police in 1982, following which 12 boys gave evidence that they had been abused by men. German born Carole Kasir was convicted for running a
gay brotheldisorderly house. However, the allegations of sexual abuse against children by the rich and powerful, rumoured to include politicians, police, judges, clergy and famous names from the celebrity world of entertainment … were not pursued.
Hmmm … maybe it was just another “scoping exercise”.
In the last few weeks, what is claimed to be, some of the alleged Elm Guest House evidence collected by social worker Mary Moss has begun to appear on the internet. In particular, a series of reversed photographs which show someone holding hand written notes and photocopied images. More than 130 of these pictures have now been flipped and appear to reveal details of some of the rich and powerful men that were alleged to have frequented the Elm Guest House between 1979 and 1982.
To be honest, the photography is not of the highest quality and some of the handwriting is very difficult to read and in some cases it’s illegible. One such image is the list of names that are alleged to have visited the Elm Guest House. I have no way of knowing whether this list originates from Mary Moss, if it’s in her own handwriting or even if any of the people listed have ever visited a house in Rocks Lane.
However, I can’t see how merely pointing out how certain individuals are on a list of people, who once stayed at a famous or infamous London guest house, can be construed as interfering with any “scoping excersise”. After all, if it eventually becomes a ‘formal inquiry’ and anybody is charged with anything criminal, as a subsequence … then they will be named anyway.
Elm Guest House Rocks Lane London Abuse Names Operation Fairbank Fernbridge Tom Watson Allegations Investigations Paedophile Ring Gay Parties Senior Adviser Mary Moss cliff richard leon brittan peter bottomley
Many of the men mentioned on the list are, of course, dead. Just like Jimmy Savile. So, cue the ‘I didn’t do anything at the time but 20/30/40/50 years later I quite fancy some compensatiom’ band wagon jumpers … if it transpires that any of them are postumously pursued for a punishment that they can no longer serve.
Just so as there’s no confusion … I understand that Leon Brittan, Cliff Richard and Peter Bottomley, for instance, are still alive and kicking. I’d hate for anyone to think otherwise. Speaking ill of the dead is one thing but speaking dead of the living is quite another. BTW, there seems to be quite a few mentions of the Monday Club there. I haven’t got a clue what that’s all about. Does that mean they were members of the Monday Club? Is that something to do with a regular stay at the Elm Guest House? Or is it something conducted outside of the  ’unthreatening meeting place for homosexual men’? Perhaps someone could enlighten me.
Incidentally, Mary Moss, development officer for National Association Of Young People In Care (NAYPIC) was recently rumoured to have been arrested by investigators from Operation Fairbank. This turned out to be untrue because a couple of days ago someone claiming to be Mary Moss, or Jo Flores as she seems to be called these days, posted this message on a blog :

 I was issued with a search warrant on the 9th Jan for all doc’s relating to Carol Cazier.. I am sure I offered them to the Government but maybe my lack of having horses prevented such meeting.. I have had my flat swept by Op ‘you know who’ completely and professionally and in a very tidy organized and friendly manner.. I am now co-operating with them. I have been given my laptop back today but they still hold 19 NAYPIC boxes which I handed over to them today without I had them hidden in a friends.. for them just to check in case there is other related info..and one motherboard computer also which was ceased.. just to put other blogs at bay… with what really happened.. after I published all I have… which you now know.. I am not fair game to have my life intruded on in this way but I trust that in my line of duty to the case and the victims my life will still stay quite private.. other than my work.. as they are the only one’s who now know absolutely everything about me.. nice

I guess she means Carole Kasir  and the message seems a tad garbled but she also goes on to post a letter that she sent to Detective Chief Inspector Paul Settle :

Dear Paul,
Since no one has been arrested in connection with the info I gave Alister Jackson and David Pallister I don’t believe it will help for me to meet with you and further since David is actively working with you, you therefore have the file and as you say it is on the web.
I don’t want to be a part of this, unless the powers that be, meet with me, who suffered the torment and real dangers of being involved in this in the first place.
I’m not being funny about this but my name crops up in this left right and center and that is disconcerting in itself. The only way I would feel protected is to meet with a top Government official and since they seemingly have no interest in me and what I have relentlessly done with my own resources as a volunteer in the meanwhile for child protection for the future dismantling of it and what I advocate for and on behalf of what was once a large membership (before this story took us down) then how on earth do you think that I in my right mind want to be involved in this again.
I am currently trying to get on with the development of children’s rights in this country and am having a hard time doing that because too of the powers that be!
Your attempts to get me involved again neither advise me of any procedure or assure me of anything. People got killed. We got closed down. I am just trying to keep to a more positive way of dealing with this and that is being marred by all this media and police contact. I don’t want to be a part of that. I made it clear, very very clear I want to meet with Government. So what is the problem?
I got a letter from the PM’s office saying the Home Office would meet with me. I then got a letter from the Home Office saying that I was to meet with you. That was a circular waste of time and the co-ordination in that is just a slap in the face so how can I take your nice email seriously.
You know that in all those years of being involved in this it was that that brought me to a very positive conclusion on how we go about helping the victims and potential ones. How does a Government then not want to speak with a key player in that and find out really cool, healing and not rock the boat politics, solutions, that help those victims now especially with such a National interest at present. It is prime opportunity for me to get what I want for all youth. Is that so difficult for the country to accept. There is now a door that could be open but it is not!
Politics is of no interest to me or to the victims but it is to those that see it as a way to bring down Government’s etc but what use is that to the victims. I do not come from a political camp. I had my eyes peeled open to abuses that were taking place and like many we just don’t want it. I know that development of right’s can be a frightening thing for people but we need that to happen for children. Not for those that don’t need it but for those that do. So the procedures and rights have to be in place and they still are not.
What use is there in all this if we cannot take the right steps. I have been hi-jacked in many ways before when even others were set up as puppet organization’s with controls put in there just so as the Government could say that they were actually doing something. What good are reports etc recommendations. A few arrests and a few innocent ones too. I see this for what it is. And I want no part of it and how dare you insinuate that I put things wrong by publishing what I have done on the web as to be honest it was better than giving it over to the police who COULD be said to be doing exactly what you purport may happen by me publishing it.
…. Instead.. you treat us like kids stupid ones, 5 cops a secret op and we all get wounds opened that would prefer to stay well healed…
So you may not like me but I like myself.. and I do not want any more than to be left alone.. if that is okay with you, the Home Office and most especially the Government.
You have all I know. So rest assured I have nothing hidden and I don’t need to be dead or have my family destroyed or set up or beaten up or have an accident or mentally ill person attack me or be followed, hacked or bugged or anything of that nature. If the Gov have a change of heart I would really still like to talk to them.
Perhaps it is all too late to contain but there sure is a way of putting a good vibration on this and that is not happening.. I have been running and running to get positive change.. I am not the type to use this for myself.. it needs to happen.. you may see that in years to come.

You can read the full letter and a subsequent reply from DCI Paul Settle HERE.
Well, I don’t quite know where all this is leading to but one thing I can say is … Mary Moss is slap bang in the middle of huge story. One that appears to involve a “powerful paedophile ring”. The ramifications of which could lead to the biggest political upset we have seen in years … if not ever.
I guess it all depends on whether the Operation Fairbank Elm Guest House “scoping excerise” ever becomes a “formal inquiry”. And whether a formal inquiry would result in any of the ‘rich and powerful’ being charged for their part in a ”powerful paedophile ring”.
I won’t hold my breath.
Meanwhile, here’s a reminder of the look on David Cameron’s face during Tom Watson’s statement to the HoC, when he mentioned that paedophile rings had been operating out of Number 10, Downing Street :

David Cameron Funny Elm Guest House Rocks Lane London Abuse Names Operation Fairbank Tom Watson Allegations Investigations Paedophile Ring Gay Parties Senior Adviser Mary Moss
Cameron then went on to set up Operation Fairbank … in secret.

 An ongoing establishment paedophile cover-up?, it can be nothing else!
Good work as usual O,




12 thoughts on “Cliff Richard outed as a paedophile? In "Operation Fairbank".

  1. TubThumper

    Now I perhaps understand why the establisment including the police were reluctant to act for so long against the muslim paedophile gangs who targetted young girls. Was it because they hold damaged, disadvantaged and abandoned white boys and girls in contempt, do not have any empathy with them and believe they deserve what they get.

    1. Paul Johnston

      So a handwritten list that could have been scribbled by anyone is evidence is it? For the record, Colin Jordan was the founder of British Movement and was never a member of the BPP.

  2. Anonymous

    It says Colin Jordan leader NF, WE know Jordan was never Front but to others 'we are all the same', clearly a Jordan from the NF no other company has/had those initials that were that well known that only abbreviations would be needed to identify the company?Jordan was WDL associated. He knew an awful lot about Janner,perhaps explains why Janner (a fellow-traveller scorned?!) turned his guns along with his Establishment chums on him, that contributed in no small part to Jordan's later death?!All very murky.

  3. Anonymous

    GriffinWatch said…No Jordan was B.P.P. associated.You having a giraffe Sean . Jordan was NSM then formed and lead the BM up to the point he was caught stealing red knickers from Tesco's . The BPP might claim Jordan as a spiritual leader but he played no role in that party . Get with the program do some research before making comments .

  4. Anonymous

    You raised the question of what The Monday Club was. This was/is an extreme right-wing part of the Conservative Party. In this connection, is it really surprising to find the name of a leader or otherwise of whichever extreme right-wing organisation he was supposed to be with?


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