We all, as nationalists, know that the so-called "Jewish Holocaust" never happened.

Petitions to the government won’t work, the government in Britain is largely controlled by the zionist agenda, the only purpose that signing this petition will accomplish, is to MAKE YOU a target, of an increasingly desperate establishment.


Those who are encouraging you to sign this petition are the ones who are helping to MAKE YOU a target. You can’t say that you haven’t been warned.:




12 thoughts on “We all, as nationalists, know that the so-called "Jewish Holocaust" never happened.

  1. Anonymous

    This gives credence to the belief that quite a large percentage of 'our' organisations are front groups set up by our enemies.What they have to learn is that it occurs on both sides eh? Mr. Marxist. Fly on Shit!

  2. Silly Kuffar

    The British Resistance site should be ostracised by TRUE NATIONALISTS, they are giving our enemies masses of ammunition to use against us to show us all as NAZIS and the INDIGENOUS BRITISH will NEVER VOTE FOR A NSDAP PARTY and could possibly scare voters away from a TRUE NATIONALIST PARTY.

  3. Anonymous

    As a naiive 9 year old in 1963, I attended an ALL white primary school in Castleford, West Yorkshire. practically ALL of the teachers(I now know)served in the UK Forces. Some indeed, were involved in intelligence aspects,brave men and women both. NEVER,..EVER, were we told ANYTHING about the 'holocaust'…EVER.Like has and is being rammed down children;s throats nowadays,These people lived through the war and suffered the privations of the time.As children, we were told of the sufferings they witnessed and endured. We couldn't understand then, but, NEVER was a persecution of the Jews spoken of. I know that these Kind educated people would have been the first to speak out, if that had happened. Old Miner.


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