Say NO to sectarianism and government promoted divide and conquer, YOU ARE ALL WHITE, stick together.


16 thoughts on “Say NO to sectarianism and government promoted divide and conquer, YOU ARE ALL WHITE, stick together.

  1. Anonymous

    Dowson clearly hopes he can make a living off the backs of the loyalist working class. He may have fooled the morons who were with the BNP & the old-ladies counting the rosaries & praying against abortion, but I have grave doubts as to whether or not loyalism will financially & politically buy into his profiteering agenda.

  2. Anonymous

    I have to say Dowson is right,keep the young protesters away from violence and be clever.Dont play the establishments game.Hopefully the loyalists are at last waking up.Whiteboar

  3. GriffinWatch

    Rally behind Morris? I'de sooner peel the skin off of my penis and dip it in a jar of vinegar. It's muppet, not muppert you imbecile, go away and stop trying to waste my time.

  4. Anonymous

    What a vile thing to say Mr Hadley is it possible your making a big mistake with the Resistance people and directing your temper on them instead of Mr Griffin. Lucinda Crimp. Mrs.

  5. Anonymous

    Dowson doesn't care if you are White, you only win his approval if you are a Christian (Black, White, who cares) and a Loyalist (Black, White, who cares). He is loathsome.

  6. GriffinWatch

    "Anonymous said… It's all well and good making sweeping statments Mr Hadley give us evidence of the wrong doings you accuse G.A.of, in other words put up or shut up. Joe."Check out our latest post Joe. 🙂

  7. Anonymous

    Good speech to be fair. He points out how the Unionist are colluding with SF in trying to break the back of the 'awkward Prods'.He does need to point out that the Union flag is being used as a pawn in SF's game of getting the Irish Tricolour on a parity with it, another good old fashioned compromise (much as the Good Friday gerrymander).They need to outmanouver the Lundy's and Republican elements, encourage self-reliance and actively opt out of the political system. Fly on Shit!PS To try and draw parallels with Loyalists and the population on the Mainland is not possible, national pride & identity is ingrained and it means something in Ulster.


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