A story of the horse and the bull.

 The one on the left is a Tesco burger, the one on the right is a Bilderberger, same old same old.

Hat tip to Odin.

Went to tescos for a burger, girl in the cafe said what do you want on it, I said a fiver each way.”

R.O.T.F.L.M.A.O. @ anon.


22 thoughts on “A story of the horse and the bull.

  1. Anonymous

    The sickest and most perverted imbeciles ever to present themselves as Nationalists are GA and CC.They are complete scum.Lowlife cowards who need to be expunged from the Nationalist scene without delay.Simply Sean my friend they are trash.One day I will open my file and memoirs of what these two are really up too.CC fighting to get his own kid back from Social Services its a fecking lie he has no sperm and he is incapable apart from wanking.He and GA have let so many good Nationalist down that the queue is spectrasophic.These liars will be gone within 6 months it will be my mission.Best WisheDoctor Bongg

  2. GriffinWatch

    "Danny La Roo Said…Doctor Bongg is a Zionist Troll dont offer him a home Sean or you could be mistaken for one."I fight zionism with many many many posts, I could never be mistaken for a zionist and with Danny la roo as a nickname, well, it doesn't exactley promote confidence in your comments.

  3. TubThumper

    'Call me Dave' is certainly a slippery character. A former TV company public relations operator he knows how to spin a political story. Take the European Union debate, Cameron being part of the political elite is never going to allow an in/out referendum. His promise of a future vote is a fraud. Nor can he negotiate any return of powers. The EU binding principles just do not allow it. The Tory leaders deceit is plain to see and will ensure his parties election meltdown. Good riddance!

  4. Anonymous

    A surefire confirmation of ireversable brain-damage or brain-stem death is belief of anything said by coke-sniffing cast-iron cunt Cameron and his conservative three-ring circus clowns – the putty-faced lying fucker's done more U-turns than a fifty-year old rickshaw carting punters to Hong-Kong brothels.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    27% meat in a Tesco burger? – who do Tesco think they're kidding? – methinks Tesco's bragging they put that much crap filling in their offalburgers – HEALTH WARNINGEAT TESCO PIG SHIT – DIE OF TRICHINOSIS.Fly On Thje Wall

  6. Anonymous

    Griffin Watch, since my last comments I been deliberately disconnected from the internet a minimum of four times – must be really upsetting cast-iron cunt Camoron and his tory gangsters.Fly On The Wall

  7. TubThumper

    Fly On The Wall 22.02. Vicious, but i love it. Cameron is a waste of space. Just look who his Oxford Uni mates were Nathaniel Rothschild, George Osborne and Boris Johnson. Bullingdon Club coke-snorting restaurant wrecking useless toffs who should have been drowned at birth.

  8. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, greetings – you won't believe the amount of times I'm continually being deliberately disconnected from the net – in fact, if I manage getting this comment on GriĀ£Ā£in Watch before the government cunts now monitoring my line 24 hours a day, I'll count myself being extremely lucky indeed.Hello, TubThumper – welcome aboard HM GriĀ£Ā£in Watch – we're sailing in dangerously rough stormy waters frequented by parasiotical joo pirates like cast-iron cunt Captain Camoron and his scurvy joo crew (8Fly On The Wall

  9. TubThumper

    Fly On The Wall thank you. Its a top blog, i'm enjoying it. Here's my hope for the counterfeit clown. Travelling from an airport during a vist to a north african country Islamic Jihadis snatch him and hurl him into the back of a Mitsubishi pick-up. On the video, with the gun toteing jihadists and the Shahada black flag behind him he is on his knees holding a copy of the Koran. He tells us that Islam is a peaceful religion and implores everyone to follow the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad. A pause, then the swish of a Scimitar through the air slices his 'putty-faced' head clean off.

  10. Anonymous

    TubThumper, the GriĀ£Ā£in Watch blog is so popular and higly informative/educational (delve through ALL GriĀ£Ā£in Watch past articles and attending comments) that it's gone down a storm with:MI5MI6Special BranchMossadThe Home OfficeMinistry of justice/joodickeryAssociation of Chief Police OfficersThe Police Officers FederationThe Tory PartyThe Lib-Dimbo partyThe Labour Party The Mainstream MediaThe KnesitNick GriĀ£Ā£inThe British Board of Joo DeputiesShitelightGreVile JannerThe government cunts monitoring my phone around the clock and fucking around with internet connection, day in and day out, especially since 17/12/2012- just to mention a few of GriĀ£Ā£in Watch main `supporters' crowding this blog – but that's popularity for you (8Fly On The Wall


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