Our latest demographics.

Quite frankly, I’m chuffed to bits with our latest demographics. Lots of our younger thinkers are now tuning in to G.W., brilliant, we have always had somewhat of a problem within nationalism, getting our youngens (our future) interested in our movement/cause and indeed politics in general.
We still have much work to do though, we are vastly underrepresented with regards to women viewers, come on ladies, we are fighting for you. :-).

So, some gains and much room for improvement also. Our battle continues, unabated.

The GriffinWatch Team.


3 thoughts on “Our latest demographics.

  1. Anonymous

    GW shows by the quality of posts and comments that our ranks are not made up of drunkards, touts, backstabbers, faggots, sexual deviant and perverts.As regards our young 'uns we need to teach them to not place too much faith in politicos of ANY hue and to take the initiative themselves and encourage a spirit of nationalist autonomy.Fly on Shit!


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