The GriffinWatch blog to be attacked by "Shitelight" and it’s cronies?

AnonymousAnonymous said…
Sean/All at GW.

There is a concerted effort being undertaken by Searchlight and the security agencies to investigate you and shut you down.

Take care in 2013.

1 January 2013 17:43″
Your GriffinWatch Editor.
The above being the case then so be it, the best form of defense is always attack, metaphorically speaking:

Monday, 20 February 2012

Searchlight Exposed.

Gerry Gable
Ketlan Ossowski
“ exists for two reasons:
“ONE, to serve as an online warning to the general media about the true nature and activities of the so-called “anti-fascist” Searchlight Magazine, and its publisher, Gerry Gable; and
TWO, to keep a public record of the outrageous lies, exaggerations and distortions which Gable and his magazine produce.
The general media, for reasons best known to themselves, continues to look up to Gable and Searchlight magazine as some sort of “fountain of truth” when it comes to nationalist politics in Britain.
Why this should be so, is baffling – given the long list of lies and distortions which is Gable’s track record, and which has, quite literally, cost institutions such as the BBC millions of pounds in damages.

Gable has also been sued in person, successfully, on a number of occasions. The details of these, and other incidents, have been compiled into this web site.”

Gerry Gable is the official publisher of Searchlight Magazine. While pretending to be an “objective journalist watchdog” Gable is in fact, a hard-line Communist who has, contrary to party orders, specialised in his own form of Zionism, causing a not inconsiderable number of his erstwhile extreme leftist colleagues to either disavow or disown him completely, accusing Gable and his cronies of being state agents.”

Harry Bidney was manager of the Limbo Club in Soho , which should have been warning enough. He was also involved with the Zionist terror outfit, ‘The 62 Group’ who were supporters of the terrorist Beginite Herut organisation in Israel .

“Gable met Bidney when both were involved with the ’62 Group.
After his death, Bidney was described by Gable in Searchlight’s pages as a “hero“.
So who was this hero to who Gable looks up as a role model?
In 1977 Bidney was found guilty of eight charges of living off the earnings of prostitutes.
In court, Bidney was described as the company secretary of Calderhead Investments, which was headed by David Calderhead, who was jailed for, on his own admission, attempting to procure a 16-year-old boy to commit an act of gross indecency with the predatory homosexual Harry Bidney.
In the March 1997 edition of Searchlight Gerry Gable wrote of his joy at having a 60th birthday surprise party sprung on him by his fellow Searchlight comrades.
He listed pimp Harry Bidney as one of just eight “old and dear friends” that had “passed on”. But “The evening did not pass without fond memories of you all”.”


The truth is the truth,
the facts are the facts.
No amount of “ists” or “isms”,
will ever alter the truth,
nor the facts.
-Sean Hadley. 
I can’t wait for the new Searchlight exposed website to be updated:
“After reading that Searchlight receives money from the Government, I decided to look around in Google. They receive most of their information from feuding Right wing party’s, thus adding to the lefts strength.

Charitable status

At the insistence of the British National Party, Searchlight and the associated Searchlight Educational Trust were investigated by the British Charity Commission of England and Wales as a result of a complaint that claimed that the Educational Trust had been engaging in political activity incompatible with its charitable status.
The Commission’s report stated that, in its opinion, the Searchlight Educational Trust had gone beyond the Commission’s guidelines on political activities, and found there was a need for a greater distinction between the public activities of Searchlight Magazine and the educational trust. No action was taken as the charity agreed to follow the Commission’s recommendations.[6] Searchlight is now divided into three main bodies; Searchlight magazine, the monthly anti-fascist and anti-racist magazine, Searchlight Information Services, a research and investigatory body which briefs governments, politicians, journalists and the police, and finally Searchlight Educational Trust, a charity devoted to teaching the dangers of racism and fascism.[7]

One must ask, How long were they being paid by this “Charity”, before they were being found out?
Did the Editor of the magazine repay the money back to the “charity, and if not why has the state not reclaimed the public money?” 

The odious creatures over at “Shitelight” have already tried to have us removed from the net, they failed then and they will fail again!: 
Watch your comments please ladies and gentlemen, that is going to be their most likely form of attack.
We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White Children.”
“Because the beauty of the White Aryan women must not perish from the earth.”
David Eden Lane. 

4 thoughts on “The GriffinWatch blog to be attacked by "Shitelight" and it’s cronies?

  1. Anonymous

    We are living in a time of universal deceit and we are speaking the truth then we must be revolutionaries and therefore we are living through a revolution ? With grateful thanks to George Orwell.Whiteboar

  2. Anonymous

    Sean there are dark deeds still to be uncovered, avarice to be exposed.Some people are having the sleepless nights they deserve.You have unfinished business.Others are working alongside you, silent and and sincere


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