The Christmas leaflet that had them all in a politically correct tizzy. County Cllr. Graham Partner. Coalville.

In June the Leicester council standards board wrote thusly:

 June Standards Board article

“Leicestershire councillor Graham Partner’s leaflet was breach of conduct code .Thursday, June 28, 2012 Leicester Mercury

A Leicestershire councillor undermined good race relations by producing a leaflet which criticised Muslims, a watchdog has found.

Councillor Graham Partner – who quit the BNP to sit as an independent – has been censured “in the strongest possible terms” for sending out the New Year message to more than 5,000 voters in his Coalville division.

The leaflet, which featured part of an article from a national newspaper, said victimhood “comes easily” to followers of Islam.

The leaflet said: “Every terrorist atrocity, every blood-soaked massacre is justified by reference to imagined grievances. But the greatest persecutors of other faiths are Muslim, themselves.”

The leaflet also made derogatory references to a Nigerian convicted of rape, Palestinians, the Third World and Pakistan. 

It criticised the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams, for being “woolly in thought and appearance”.

The leaflet prompted complaints from two fellow county councillors and two parish councillors.

Yesterday, a county council standards sub-committee strongly censured Coun Partner and ruled he should undertake equality training.

Coun Partner, who did not attend the hearing, saying he had to work, was found to have breached the code of conduct on two counts by showing disrespect to others and bringing the authority into disrepute.

The hearing was held after an investigation carried out by the Race Equality Centre in Leicester.

In her report, centre chief executive Iris Lightfoote said: “Councillor Partner’s leaflet can be viewed as a breach of the equality legislation on two grounds.

“Firstly, by causing harassment to people of Nigerian origin, Third World origin, Palestinian origin, Pakistani origin, any non-Christian beliefs as well as those of a liberal Christian belief. 

“Secondly, the leaflet can be seen as failing to foster good race relations and religious relations.”

In his statement, Coun Partner, who had signed a declaration to abide by the code of conduct, said: “The claim that the leaflet caused distress to any minorities has not been demonstrated, but it was seen as an opportunity to feign offence on their behalf by political rivals who are incapable of defeating a single independent councillor by fair and proper means.”

Standards sub-committee chairman Martin Caple said: “We feel Coun Partner has undermined good race relations.

“We are mindful that the production of the leaflet has the potential to be disrespectful to a large section of the community.

“We would expect Coun Partner to show greater respect to the values and beliefs of others.  
“We would expect Coun Partner to be mindful of the need to be sensitive to the whole community, particularly those he represents.

“We have decided Coun Partner is censured in the strongest possible terms as this is a serious matter.”

The committee decided he should receive equality training to be organised by monitoring officer David Morgan.
(Let’s try to “brainwash/threaten” people away from having independent views = Equality Training. Ed.)
After the hearing, Suleman Nagdi, spokesman for the Leicestershire Federation of Muslim Organisations, said: “I welcome the ruling. As a holder of public office, one must uphold the highest standards of conduct which are geared towards uniting communities and not dividing them.

“I hope we can put this behind us and it is not repeated.”

County council chairman Peter Lewis was one of the people who complained after seeing the leaflet.

After the hearing, he said: “It is of the greatest importance that we maintain the highest standards of public conduct, whatever our political affiliations.

“These must be secondary to the way we see the people we serve.

“I see my task as chairman of the county council to ensure every councillor respects the public and, in turn, deserves their respect.””

Political correctness gone mad clearly, it’s getting to the stage now where people can hardly say anything for fear of offending some “minority group” or other, it has become ridiculous and this modus operandi of an increasingly totalitarian establishment is both unworkable and indeed counter-productive.

On with the story:

December article…

“Authority ‘can’t act over Muslim critic councillor’ Graham Partner
(Rightly so. Ed.) 
Friday, December 14, 2012

“Councillor Graham Partner was censured “in the strongest possible terms” by Leicestershire County Council’s standards committee this summer for undermining good race relations and told he would have to have equality training.
However, since the standards hearing on June 27, Coun Partner, who represents Coalville as an independent, has declined to do the training.

(Well done Cllr. Partner. Ed.)
Coun Partner, who was elected as a British National Party candidate before quitting the party, was censured for a new year message he circulated to more than 5,000 voters in Coalville.
It featured part of an article from a national newspaper and said victimhood “comes easily” to the followers of Islam.
It also made derogatory references to a Nigerian convicted of rape, Palestinians, the Third World and Pakistan and prompted complaints from two county council colleagues and two parish councillors.
At a recent meeting of County Hall’s corporate governance committee, county solicitor David Morgan told councillors the authority had no power to take the matter any further.
The standards regime under which Coun Partner was censured was abolished in the summer.
Political parties are now required to issue sanctions to their members.
Coun Partner is not a member of a party so no action can be taken against him.

(Common sense in my honest opinion, although I’m sure that the establishment will try to change the above rules in due course. Ed.) 

He was unavailable for comment yesterday.
Conservative county council leader Nick Rushton said: “It is a shame but there is nothing more we can do.
“Nobody can discipline him because he’s not in a party.
“If he was one of my councillors, I would take action.

(So then Nick Rushton, you are a totalitarian, who thinks that freedom of speech, thought and opinion, should be stamped upon, when it doesn’t tow the establishment/party “line”? Give me a ring Nick, 07708914411 and we can discuss matters further, with regards to your politically correct, totalitarianist views. I’ll wager that you won’t be willing to be interviewed by the Griffinwatch Team On record. In fact, I’ll drop you a polite email Mr. Rushton. You can access your official gov. emails whilst in Florida can‘t you Mr. Rushton?
Sean Hadley. )
“There is a weakness in the new system around independent councillors and we have a number of them.
He said: “There’s not much chance of it changing as they have only just abolished the old system.”
Coun David Snartt, chairman of the corporate governance committee, said: “We were very upset that he (Coun Partner) could not find his way to do the training and there was nothing anyone could do to make it happen.
“We will record what has happened and at some point in the future raise this with the relevant body.”
Fellow committee member Labour councillor Jewel Miah said: “This has shown the sanction to be meaningless and the system to be toothless.
“I am sure there will be cases up and down the land where this situation is repeated.” 

All in all, a great victory for freedom of thought, opinion and its dissemination via leaflets, well done to Cllr. Partner for not backing down an inch, against an increasingly controlling and indeed worried, establishment.

Report compiled by the GriffinWatch Team.


27 thoughts on “The Christmas leaflet that had them all in a politically correct tizzy. County Cllr. Graham Partner. Coalville.

  1. Unknown

    The problem has ALWAYS been our crap standards of house contruction. The way we have built houses over the centuries one would thing we live in a fucking sub-tropical climate rather than a sub-arctic climate.Architects and planners are moronic aresholes – end of.

  2. Anonymous

    The Establishment know that the only generations wise to their ways are those over the age of 40, the fact that they are able to hasten their demise brings their utopia ever nearer.We need to forget about the younger generation and aim at those yet unborn because the Britain in the hands of those under 40 is going to render the place a cesspit, lazy, thick as shit, gormless, sexually deviant, retarded and weak.Fly on Shit!

  3. GriffinWatch

    Do you really envisage that slinging childish and factually incorrect insults will give me the impetus to answer your questions? Grow up and use your own name if you want any answers.

  4. Anonymous

    As nationalists we should see through the many tricks and agendas of our main enemy Talmudic "jews".As i've stated before if our ills are down to any other group such as muslims then provide the evidence ?The anti christian agenda in this country can be traced to Zionists and their agents.for instance the huge amounts of money poured into the West is provided by Saudi Arabia (Talmudists) for mosques etc. Mass immigration was instigated by Talmudic "jews" and their agents (marxists)The Liblabcons are Zionists and Marxists.The Palistinians should be applauded and admired,12yr old kids who can take on one of the most modern armys in the world with just stones have to be admired.We should take note because eventually we will be in the same position !I dont doubt Partner's heart is in the right place but like most present and past BNP members a huge education exercise needs to take place.Does he know most "jews" are khazars ? I doubt it.If he did he would understand why there is an anti christian agenda in this country.Graham take a look at Kevin Boyle articles and a good one on for a low down on phoney "jews" and their agenda.I dont want any foreigners in my country who ever they are,incidently the vast majority of immigrants in Leicester are Hindus who whilst not "agressive" are a major financial power in that city.You can only defeat your enemy if you understand them and most importantly identify them.Whiteboar

  5. GriffinWatch

    Cllr. Partner is a nationalist par excellence.The article indicates a victory against political correctness and a victory for freedom of speech/thought/opinion and dissemination thereof. I think that people have been, possibly, reading to much into it.Cheers.Sean.14

  6. Anonymous

    What evidence do you have on the writer Elite Commander as a MI5 agent, and why are you down on G.A.Come on bagel face respond to thequestion or did you make it up as you went along after you poured a bottle of cheap fire water down your size 18inch neck.

  7. GriffinWatch

    My neck isn't 18inch and I aren't drinking.Off you pop. You've had all of the chances that you are going to get.Oh and have a good new year. :-)Stalkers aren't allowed here.

  8. Anonymous

    I am well aware of the Palestinian's plight and the Talmudic agenda. The article was aimed at the hypocrisy of our MPs in supporting Israel and then mourning the death of Sheikh Ahmed Yassin when the Zionists executed him. I also know about the Khazars and I know who the majority immigrant population of Leicester are, I lived there once so I ought to know. It was a Christmas leaflet to people who generally would think me mad if I rant about Khazars, the Talmud and the NWO. Having said that, I appreciate the leaflet isn't perfect by a long way although it was produced and delivered at very short notice and had a good response from ordinary folk.

  9. Anonymous

    As i said i believe the author has his heart in the right place.The point i was making was we should not be buying into the Zionist Agenda.All immigrants have to go but we need to ensure we do the "right thing".The "clash of civilisations" is a myth ALL foreigners have no affinity with our civilisation,culture or values.A BNP member told me they had no problem with Hindus,Sikhs etc only Muslims ?So a Hindu temple is ok or their ever increasing financial take over of a once great city but Muslims ? I appreciate people like Graham are doing their bit but i reiterate do not buy into the Zionist agenda.Whiteboar

  10. Anonymous

    Mr X has a dim view of spongers and has promised to cut another £10billion off the state’s handout bill. Obviously, the people who take handouts they don’t deserve should be the first to take a cut.So let’s start by talking about someone who lives off the state and has little experience of the world of work you and I know. He is 58 years old and has suckled upon the publicly-funded teat for most of his life.He’s signed on the dole. He’s had four children and received child benefit for all of them. He has put them each through private school, too.His wife hasn’t worked since they married, except for 15 months in which he got her a job paid by the taxpayer.He and his colleagues eat and drink food subsidised by the tax payer in a palace the hard working tax paying public pay for. He is driven around in a car he does not own we do and has not paid for – it was paid for by us. And when he is too old to ‘work’ any more he will receive a better pension than most of the rest of us which we paid for.He started out at the age of 21 with six years of taxpayer-funded military service, during which he acted as bag-carrier to a Major-General. Then in 1981, aged 27, he left the Army and signed on the dole for several months.He then began a period of ordinary work based upon the skills he had gained at the taxpayer’s expense, and worked in sales for arms dealer GEC-Marconi.He then moved on to a property firm, where he was made redundant after six months, and then sold gun-related magazines for Jane’s Information Group.After 11 years of this not too glittering a career he succeeded in once again boarding the publicly-funded gravy train in 1992.In the intervening 20 years he has been paid by the taxpayer every year more money than most of the rest of us manage to earn. He has managed to boost it up to more than six figures for a few years here and there by being more pompous than the others in his position.In 2001 he helped his unemployed wife to have a suckle, arranging for her to be paid £15,000 a year to be his diary secretary. (The Newsnight TV programme pulled a story that seemingly alleged she didn't actually do anything after pressure from a certain political party).These days he is given the grand total of £134,565 a year from the taxpayer.He lives for free in a £2million Tudor farmhouse on his father-in-law’s ancestral estate in Buckinghamshire.He has three acres of land, a tennis court, swimming pool and some orchards, which is not bad for a life paid for by the state.‘Who is this parasite?’ you might cry. ‘Tell us his name, let the authorities know his address. Let’s get this guzzler out of the cushy life and show him what life is like for the rest of us,earning £7 an hour with a rise once every eight years and a miserly pension if we're lucky.’His name is Iain Duncan Smith, and his address is: Palace of Westminster, LondonSW1A 0AA.

  11. Anonymous

    @22:22 well the stupid fucking worthless not worth saving cunts of Chingford and Woodford Green Parliamentary Constituency seem to believe in this hateful parasitical cunt. Seriously, don't put yourselves at risk for these electorate motherfuckers who deserve everything that's coming to them. Laugh your cocks and socks off as they are made jobless and homeless then dispossessed and their children taken into care for c/o the paedophile elites. You seriously can't save these white guilt-tripped cunts or their children. The country is far better off without them. Maybe it's not all their fault due to Cultural Marxist brainwashing but make no mistake that they hate your guts. Fuck 'em!

  12. Anonymous

    Anyone who votes is partaking in treason.Voting, partaking in democracy is diverting our people from defending our National Interest.Death to Democracy and Democrats!Fly on Shit!

  13. Unknown

    "As nationalists we should see through the many tricks and agendas of our main enemy Talmudic "jews""They are only the half of it. Rome and the Jesuits are the other half. Never forget, our oldest enemies have always been two fold.


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