10 thoughts on “Happy Christmas. An all white Britain. A great picture. Enjoy.

  1. Anonymous

    GLOBAL WARMING – AL GORE SAID SOReport from Moscow on what's actually happening on the ground -Brass Russian Monkey Emergency in Siberia, chilliest night in Excerpt:The coldest ever December has rolled through Russia causing the evacuation of hundreds of people in Siberia, where temperature hit below -50c, plunging Moscow into its coldest night in the season – will Christmas lift the frosty spell?The cold weather that has Russia in its icy embrace has been causing all kinds of havoc. Flights and buses delayed and cancelled, many schools have been closed, and there have been power outages just when power is most needed.In the town of Kyshtym, the Urals, 14,000 people are still waiting for the central heating to be restored. On Sunday a break in the central pipe left residents anxiously watching the red line on their home thermometers plunging as temperatures outside slid to -24C (-11F).ºC = -58ºFFOTW's recommended survival techniques in such dire circumstances are to procure one big buxom nude Blonde/Redhead/Brunette, and clasp her tightly within the confines of a sleeping bag until help arrives – hopefully much later, preferably late spring (8Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous androgynous arsehole fairy at 15:32, I'll leave the wrong 'uns for you – you're one of those dedicated joo-loving marxist cunts who wants to be a joo-loving marxist cunt 365 days a year – try giving yourself a break by having Christmas Day off – you can climb back on and re-ensconce your arsehole again on your black-arsed boyfriend's diseased dick on Boxing Day – now fuck off, Tinkerbelle – there's a good fairy (8Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Native Britains? – please clarify – would that be as in `indigenous Britains' aka The Beautiful White Race – or would that be as in `black–arsed natives' falsely classed as `Britains'?FOTW

  4. Anonymous

    Yep – your dead right – knew there was something wrong but couldn't put my finger on it – I'm blaming Christmas – thanks.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WHY NO ONE INVADES SWITZERLAND NIGGERS LEARN NOT TO FOOL WITH KID WITH DAD's AR-15 by Biddeford PD for Open Carry viewers' comments to this video.Of relevant interest – though the police will never tell you, in England it is a Common Law right to own and use a gun for lawful purposes – it's not a privilege someone else, whether king, queen or cop can bestow upon you – ALL English/British carry weapons, including firesarms, under Common Law – and Article 7 of the English Bill of Rights 1689 confirms that Common Law right for ALL law abiding citizens to own and bear weapons, and to open carry if you choose to – as confirmed when two police constables openly sporting 9mm semi-automatic pistols on their hips, turned up and knocked on a friend's door a week ago – this could lead to some very interesting developments – I'll keep you posted on this one.Fly On The Wall

  5. Unknown

    For an all white Britain the BBC helped by fixing it so that a mullato and a wop won Strictly Come Dancing with the best dance pair heterosexual James Jordan and the blond Denise Van Outen being forced into two dance offs and finally loosing to the foreigners.In the Christmas show Jordan's blond Mrs with a chocolate drop wins that final.Don't you just love positive discrimination from the unbiased BEEB?


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