McAlpine and a turd, let’s flush em both.

Hat tip to Guido and his Team.


15 thoughts on “McAlpine and a turd, let’s flush em both.

  1. Anonymous

    I don't read newspapers but the wife has just come home with a new one on me called the 'i'. A brief search on my news of choice (internet) tells me it's published by Independant Print,which is owned by one Alexander Lebedev, a Russian 'Oligarch' (read shafter of mother Russia) Is this another Jew owned outfit? They're everywhere like dog shit on pavements peddling their poison.Old Miner

  2. Anonymous

    The 'i' is losing money hand over fist every single day…even more than the Guardian, so how one may ask are they still able to bother the presses with their musings? Are they being backed as a loss leader because of their part in the marxist long game?

  3. Anonymous

    Off-topic, but who cares. Good interview with Gavin Grant – new RSPCA boss – in the Times today, where he says his next crusade will be tackling the "disgusting practices surrounding Halal slaughter". I hope you all put your support behind this campaign.

  4. Anonymous

    Anonymous said @ 09:41 "… where he (Gavin Grant) says his next crusade will be tackling the "disgusting practices surrounding Halal slaughter". I hope you all put your support behind this campaign."~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~The filthy murdering jooz also cruelly butcher animals to death the same way as the filthy followers of the Dead Paedophile MaHoleMud cruelly butcher animals to death – so that'd Gavin Grant totally fucked from the off and explains why the filthy paedo jooz in Westminster will never make halal slaughter illegal – by the way, Gri££in Watch, about the fat turd holding a pen – is he writing out a full confessionor or his memoirs of his boy scouting expeditions and escapades? – if the latter, he should ask Fraud jooboy Janner to write the introduction.Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    True, but at least the guy has his heart in the right place and gives the lie to people who accuse the RSPCA of being cowards for not tackline ritual slaughter and being Labour lickspittles because they are going after hunters.

  6. Anonymous

    Bigging it up is one thing – doing big is another – I'm hanging fire on my judgement on Gavin Grant to see which way he jumps – if he goes all out to get halal/kosher slaughter banned he'll have my support all the way – if he doesn't I'm going to call him fifty kinds of a useless cunt.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    I totally agree. A big fuck-off campaign with tv ads would be a good start + I want all nationalists to support them fully – demos and all.Happy Christmas you lot.

  8. Anonymous

    The Establishment know full well the potential any such campaign to outlaw ritual slaughter would hold for us..]If anyone wants to see the potential in practice I challenge you to set up a stall one week pushing our run-of-the-mill propaganda and the following week set up a stall pushing only 'animal rights' and you will see the differential in numbers multiplied tenfold…but the racial makeup will not change ie. 99.99% of respondents will be White. You be amused to find that your racial stall will draw the attention of more muds!Fly on Shit!Happy Christmas to you all!

  9. GriffinWatch

    Kosher and Halal should be banned, what they do elsewhere is up to them. It's not acceptable in Britain, in my honest opinion.If you want to make an issue of it, send in some video links and I'll front page them.Sean.

  10. Anonymous

    Griffin Watch, you;ve got it – definitely not pleasant, but demonstrates the innate cruelty of the filthy parasitic joo race – and the jooz' cruel kosher slaughter of animals is the same cruel ritual halal slaughter of animals, practiced by the hook-nosed jooz' genetic hook-nosed brothers – the cruel arab race and the followers of the long-dead paedophile prophet Musthavabhoy Mohamud. On The Wall

  11. Anonymous

    What they won't show is the bucket that the Halal 'butchers' keep by their work area where they put in all the crap along with their spit/greenies, hair, piss THIS IS WHAT THE STUPID WHITE CUNTS EAT AS THEIR 'DELICIOUS' DONNER KEBAB!Fly on Shit!PS You ARE what you eat. Most Whites who eat paki muck are shitcunts!

  12. Anonymous

    You are right, FoS, Aninal Rights/Welfare activists are practically 100 per cent whites and animals are close to the hearts of all true English men and women. That is why animal charities are so heavily supported (note the frequent media articles criticising the amount donated to animal charities when people are "starving in Africa"). We are not bogged down in religious and 'cultural' gibberish about certain animals being 'unclean' or have the kind of disgusting, backward attitude to animals found in third world people.AR activists are as much an enemy of the State as Nationalists – we have much in common.


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