26 thoughts on “Why do you still bother voting? Why aren’t you looking for a tangible alternative?

  1. Anonymous

    The insanity is the sheeple who vote for the rapist before last at every f'ing election."But we've always voted labour"They always say, about IQ – Think how thick the average person is, then conside that half of them are even thicker than that. And that's just about Europeans!We are told that 20% of the population is now non-European!Will the average IQ be moved to accomodate this?

  2. Anonymous

    Hopefully when the full truth of these census figures come out some arseholes might decide to unglue their butts from the goggle box ! But sadly some will fall into the web of deceit and land on that web of the one eyed monster from Welshpool.We all fell for it at some point but Nationalism can only be built on the mistakes we have all made because honesty becomes unity and unity becomes power.

  3. Anonymous

    Never mind seeking out another 'saviour of the White Race to lead us to Salvation' it is YOU and YOU only that can take responsibility for your own and your Racial kindred's fate and destiny.Do not place in to the hands of anyone the fate of our Race especially when it means the legacy of our future generations are jeopardised.Just so long as each and every one of us does something, at least one thing a day, be it writing to your local paper or even placing a sticker up….but handing over cash to someone does not absolve you from acting.

  4. Anonymous

    The recent survey on Makow's website gave up some interesting websites i'd never heard of.One of these was Louis Beam who has an interesting article which talks about "the leaderless resistance" originally written by an ex American intell. officer.Its something which a number of nationalists are now thinking of.The beauty of which a revolution cannot be comprimised.The cell system is not new but in every revolution it has worked !All those who have done their homework are just going around in circles,we know who the enemy is !What we need to do is come together and formulate a master plan.For sure elections are loaded against us, I believe the coming economic Armageddon will give us the opportunity rememember the Nat.Socialists started with a dozen or so ? (i'm not a Nazi)Time for all of us to get our thinking caps on.Whiteboar

  5. Anonymous

    Griffin has stated several times that he has no problem with the settled Sikh and West Indian communities in our country. Griffin is a total traitor and State asset.

  6. Anonymous

    Has anyone else noticed weird posts on nationalist websites such as this— I fear we may be getting nearer to the inconvenient truth regarding Kategate which is now being referred to everywhere as Lorgnettegate. It seems late nurse Jacintha Saldanha was in the irksome habit of unusually using an opera-like lorgnette rather than wearing glasses and this appears to have infuriated the easily unhinged Duckess of Cambridge: "If your sight is defective then go and get yourself some spectacles, but don't ever let me see any more of this affectation!" nurse Sultana was told mercilessly by the spoilt right-royal bitch. Jacintha couldn't bear to be parted from her beloved lorgnette so topped herself in despair. The Aussie DJ's prank call is a 6 million Australian Dollar-costing fabrication to hide the awful truth about the lorgnette which the now suicidal and guilt ridden Duckess can't bear to be parted from either. Lorgnettes have much to answer for and it would seem spectacles are the only solution to prevent more suicides and Lorgnettegates. I'm puzzled. What does it mean? Was the nurse murdered?

  7. Anonymous

    Forget N.G., he is a problem of the past, a small thing.Suggestions that an immigrant nurse was assasinated for her taste in eyewear…anyone else reading this thread must now, finally, realise that we are harmless nut-jobs.F..SOTMAERNS)(Fly,shitting on their meusli after eating really nasty stuff)

  8. Anonymous

    Yeah, most conspiracy theorists are shills whose modus operandi is to muddy the waters and to create the most leftfield bollocks so as to confirm in the eyes of normal people that they are fruitcakes!David (K)Icke and his reptilian shapeshift nonsense is a case in point.As regards the nurse who comitted suicide, I did state on here when it happened that it may have been the Duke of Edinburgh acting to please his grandson Whiny William who had let it be known that he 'wasn't at all happy' with all the publicity surrounding Katey's hospital stay….But it was stated tongue in cheek, rather than as a considered 'theory'!Fly on Shit!

  9. Anonymous

    …also with regards the suicide-nurse no one seems to have questioned:1) How comes a nurse from the Asian Sub-Continent rather than a native homegrown nurse was employed here and2) SINCE WHEN DOES A QUALIFIED NURSE BECOME A SWITCHBOARD OPERATOR??????Now discuss that 'conspiracy theory'!Fly on Shit!

  10. Anonymous

    Rule everything in rule nothing out till you are satisfied otherwise.Bill Cooper believed in UFO's till he researched otherwise.The evil scum who rule us will stoop to ANYTHING.Such as murdering school children (by a Manchurian candidate ?)to get their gun control ?I didn't see any tears for the children of Waco or Ruby Ridge murdered by ZOG.Whiteboar

  11. Anonymous

    When it comes to understanding how Americans and the English view the English Bill of Rights 1689, that thick commie cunt, London East End joo bumboy Billy Bragg drivels hasn't a fucking clue yet drivels pure bullshit as if an expert on the subject – Bragg should stick to what he's an acknowledged leading expert at – shagging the arse off young boys. http://www.winnipegfreepress.com/opinion/westview/Brits-see-freedom-differently-than-Yanks-183649031.htmlFly On The Wall

  12. Anonymous

    Gilad atzmon states 80% of tory MP's are "friends of Israhell" (truthseeker) no doubt they will shed crocodile tears over this latest "manchurian" massacre.Whilst supporting the Baal worshipping Khazar's extermination of Palistinian babies.Those seeking the truth should remember "who gains" is far more important than knowing precise detail.9/11 and 7/7 were ZOG planned and executed just like these gun massacres which are intended to disarm whites.Kevin Boyle has written an interesting article on the Talmudic "jewish" control of the West,something i might add would have been more appropiate than the ramblings of a zionist and trecherous "royal" family loving phoney patriot ulsterman.Whiteboar

  13. Anonymous

    So how long have you been beating off to the 'I'm getting rid of Griffin' drum.Same old nonsense….same old impotence.WHERE'S YOUR CREDIBILITY SEAN?BLEATING ON HERE LIKE AN OLD GOAT….WITH NO IMPACT WHATSOEVER.FAFTBH!


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