Rioting now underway in Northern Ireland.

“Police hit O.A.P. in a landrover outside Alliance office in  East Belfast.” 
“Big trouble now, the marshalls have been pulled out and the riot is spreading as the Northern Irish fight for their flag.”

 All pictures are copyright@ Sean hadley

If you wish to use them please ask via the comments section and provide us with a link to the G.W. blog.

Thanks in advance.

Hat tip to our Northern Ireland correspondent.


30 thoughts on “Rioting now underway in Northern Ireland.

  1. GriffinWatch

    You did, he supplied us with the pictures, it's called intel. if you don't talk to people in situ., on the street, you can't honestly cover the news.I keep us informed.

  2. Anonymous

    I deem wise to leave Irish politics to the Irish because Irish politics is: 1) 100% an Irish problem fir the Irish to sort out, 2) highly emotive and its highly toxicity will always cause schisms among mainland English nationalists, 3) in the long run the Unionist/Protestants WILL DEFINITELY LOSE because demographics conclusively show Republican/Roman Catholics are rapidly out-breeding Unionists/Protestants, to become the major political group, meaning every life lost throughout the centuries of deadly conflict between Republicans/Roman Catholics and Unionists/Protestants, has been a pointless and needless tragic loss.As for the Rt. Reverend Knee-Trembler Dowson, leave him too his wild fantasies and nutty ramblings of his fanciful daring-dos on behalf of Unionists who detest him as much as the IRA do – to make some amends for troughing, with Gri££in, in BNP members' money, old Knee-Trembler could ask his Rt. Reverend colleagues Ian Paisley Snr. and baby Rt.reverend Paisley Jnr., and the other two church-going hypocrites, David Trimble and Peter Robinson, why did they remain silent when Sir Maurice jooboy Oldfield, MI6 Director, Lew the joo Battenberg, Edward homo Heath, Jimmy the joo Savile, high-ranking British army officers, high-ranking Northern Ireland police officers, Orangemen and Protestant clergy were regularly raping mainly Roman Catholic kids in Northern Ireland childcare homes, Kincora being one of many such homes trafficking children to N. Ireland Establishment paedophile rings with direct links with powerful Westminster paedophile rings.Fly On The Wall.

  3. Anonymous

    I see Blair's former arse-licking war-criminal colleague, the mad marxist ranting bitch, Ann `Clueless' Clwyd, is moaning about the appalling treatment her husband received in a National Health Service hospital – it's gone clean over her brainless skull she was a member of Blair's administrative government that helped to further destroy the NHS – Clueless Clwyd is a descendent of joo scum Henry 1st flooded Wales with to destroy the rebellious indigenous Welsh peopole – her working pedigree is pure marxist-trotski-leninist – she was a BBC journalist and studio manager – was a journo for both the Gruniad and Observer – Clueless, a vociferous Blairite pro-Iraqi-war shill was the first journo to claim and report that Saddam Hussein was killing Iraqis by feeding them into plastic shredders – not content with she, along with another lying journo bastard, James `puc' Mahone, Clueless Clwyd lied to the House of Common lying criminals repeated that Saddam Hussein was killing Iraqis by feeding them into plastic shredders – it transpires that Saddam did no such thing – I hope her old man suffered long and hard before he booted the bucket and I hope the same fate awaits Clueless.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, if your 22:40 comment was aimed at me, be assured my comment was not a critique of you, it's a general broad-brush comment for advising we're not drawn deep into a highly-contentious prickly subject that I've seen riven many in the NF, BNP and other English nationalist movements.While I'll get stuck into N. Ireland paedophile ring issues, I usually stay well clear of the rights and wrongs of N. Ireland history and politics unless a comment is so unjust a countering comment needs to be made for balance.Best regards,Fly On The Wall

  5. Anonymous

    The British State have been colluding with Irish Republicans since the 70's. Oldfield the conduit between the Brits. Establishment & Irish Republicans let it be know to them that it was the aim of the British State to leave the North. So the blood of the innocents is well and truly on the hands of the evil bastards who are the Brit Establishment who had to create such events to justify what would in the end serve to be its endgame.The Loyalists must start to believe in THEMSELVES rather than maintain this facade of 'loyalty' to the Establishment and their Unionist stooges. How many actually know that Wolfe Tone was Protestant eh? He actually declared that "…the religious division was a tool of the elite…". Stick the Jack and the Red, White & Blue, it's to the Red Hand of Ulster that we're Loyal & True!Fly on Shit!

  6. Anonymous

    Without a doubt the the end game is ulster is handed to the south.The Loyalists are right to stand their ground whatever has gone before and Loyalists must take some blame for their present predicament,the break up of Britain is the long term goal of the Learned Elders.As nationalists we should and must preserve the Union.The Loyalists must ditch the Lodges who have colluded with the Establishment and let those on the street take the lead.At least the Loyalists are showing the way.Whiteboar

  7. Anonymous

    We are not all Irish here in Ulster, one million are British! On the 3rd photo, thats me intervening to get a young patriot our from getting beaten to bits by some very angry riot cops who minutes before had run over a collegue. Its time people grew a set on your side of the water and stopped gibbering and typing, get out and DO SOMETHING, ANYTHING!!

  8. Anonymous

    Anon 17:18Don't preach to us you mug, we are clever enough to not bring such a situation to fruition in the first place, why did you not 'have a word' in your treacherous Unionist 'representatives', you are being played all the way down the line.As for putting THIRTEEN year olds on the street and manipulating them to such an extent that they put THEMSELVES in the front line then we can also add with justification that you condone the exploitation of children.We are neither Red Front nor REACTION (look up what a reactionary is)You have your own flag, give you a clue, it has the Red Hand on it, why bother with a flag that has ALWAYS been in the hands of the capitalist/establishment.I agree with Fly on Shits statement regards sticking the Union flag and being strong and true to the Red Hand.

  9. Anonymous

    Good to see the Loyalists finally getting to grips with the Real Enemy, their Unionist 'representatives'.Peter Robinson (MI5) has exposed himself as the sellout he is, the Loyalists must keep up the pressure then they will see the edifice fall from all of Robinson's political cohorts.

  10. Anonymous

    Of course Robinson was placed as soon as the 'shadowmen' deemed him ready as replacement for Trimble (MI5).Wake up and smell the coffee, the Unionists are colluding with the Brit Establishment to hand the North over to the Free State.

  11. Anonymous

    PMQ's had the shower of shit all declaring that the Loyalists were not in any way showing 'loyalty'.What these shitcunts fail to grasp is that Loyalism IS NOT Unionism, and Loyalty is Loyalty to the people not to the Establishment. As for Loyalty to the Crown, if the Crown has been ususrped by traitors then it the true Loyal that will stand up to this tyranny!UDI for Ulster now! (and take back the 3!)


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