Max Clifford, P.R. fixer (sic) and Stuart Hall arrested.

“Detectives investigating the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal have arrested publicist Max Clifford.

The 69-year-old was held at 7.40am on suspicion of sexual offences and taken to a central London police station.
Clifford, one of the world’s leading public relations experts, was arrested as part of Operation Yewtree, the investigation into allegations of sex abuse surrounding Savile and others.
Scotland Yard is leading the national probe into claims made against the disgraced TV presenter and figures in the entertainment industry.
Max Clifford is the fifth suspect to be arrested – and sixth person to be questioned – in connection with Operation Yewtree which has already cost around £2 million and involves a team of 30 officers.” 

“The veteran BBC broadcaster Stuart Hall, 82, was tonight charged with three counts of indecent assault on girls aged between nine and 16 years old.

Mr Hall, the former presenter of It’s A Knockout, now known to millions of football fans for his florid match reports on BBC Radio 5 Live, was arrested at his home in Wilmslow, Cheshire, this morning over “historic allegations” of rape and indecent assault.
Lancashire Police said the 82-year-old, who has a broadcasting career stretching back 50 years, had been charged in connection with alleged offences between 1974 and 1984 involving three girls.
“Following consultation with the Crown Prosecution Service an 82-year-old man has today been charged with three offences of indecent assault,” read a Lancashire Police statement.” 

12 thoughts on “Max Clifford, P.R. fixer (sic) and Stuart Hall arrested.

  1. Anonymous

    Max Clifford gave an interview where he admitted that he had scores of stories "any one of which I could have retired on"This intimated that he knew of the indiscretions of the powerful, rich and famous, but because his reputation for discretion was unbroken, he continued to be treated as a confidant.Many "elite" sphincters twitch tonight, as they worry about what Max the fixer may reveal to get himself "off the hook"!

  2. Anonymous

    @Many "elite" sphincters twitch tonight, as they worry about what Max the fixer may reveal to get himself "off the hook"!6 December 2012 23:55That's the first thing I thought of when I heard this news when I woke up.And GW can you define what you mean by keep comments "Legal", is this the same as the "truth"?

  3. Anonymous

    Seems Max Clifford will have to employ himself to spin himself out of this one – methinks, he has a mean and shifty look about him – what's the odds on this dark horse?Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    I'm laying odds – five'll get you fifty-thousand if Mealy Mouthy Max is innocent – and Fifty-million if Stu the Screw is innocent – and ten if the CPS charges any of then (8Fly On The Wall – I've got dodgy nags

  5. Anonymous

    – latest odds – five'll get you fifty-thousand if Mealy Mouthy Max is innocent – Fifty-million if Stu the Screw is innocent – fifty-billion if the CPS charges either of them in the next seven days – fifty-trillion if Sni££in' Gri££in hasn't had a homosexual 'experence' (8Fly On The Wall – I've got loads of dodgy nags

  6. Anonymous

    Sometimes get the feeling that we are "on the edge" – just about to turn over turd that shelters A MAGNIFICENT ESTABLISHMENT LIE.We have many turds to invert, yet we know – as they do, that it inevitable….their crimes will be revealed and exposed.Crimes so vile that their exposure will collapse the system.The clock is ticking, and I savour each click of time that takes us closer to their abyss.Like "nos amis" I check each morning to see how our own little "advent calendar" is progressing – towards their doom.I sleep the sleep of the righteous, they sweat and toss, remembering their crimes, worrying about which will be revealed first.Sweat on you bastards, it will almost be a shame to end your personal misery.

  7. Anonymous

    I opine the way for bringing down all the peadophile rings in Britain, is to expose and destroy the main one, the powerful joo-inspired Westminster paedo ring – and the key for doing that is forcing the the government to hold a public inquiry into the Holly Greig sex abuse by the Aberdeen Establishment paedophile ring which the joos bastards Alex Salmon and cast-iron cunt Camoron, the Procurator Fiscal for Aberdeen, and every police force, every politician and all the mainstream media both sides of the English/Scots border, know about yet remain silent – if everyone keeps hammering away, the Holly Greig scandal will take flight for all the world to see – and when it does, judges, barristers, solicitors, magistrates, high-ranking police cuntstables, members of the clergy and English and Scots MPs will be diving out tall buildings and throwing themselves in front of speeding trains.Fly On The Wall

  8. Anonymous

    There is a growing awareness from even the most cretinous that Establishment = Degenerates/Morally (and financially ha ha) bankrupt.The Establishment are running scared and are terrified of the consequences of their financial mismanagement (or rather their working to their agenda) most people couldn't give a flying fuck about 'austerity' as contrary to the Establishment perception, a percentage of the population do not bow down to Mammon. However, they do get their backs up when they can't stuff themselves junk so the more that McGarbage up their prices the better! It doesn't seem to bother the shitcunts in getting their £8 for a pack of fags a day….yet they will obey the State when it says they are restricted in where they are permitted to smoke!FoS!

  9. Anonymous

    Dead right, Fos – the thickos happily let Peastminster paedos fuck 'em in the arse as long as the morons can stuff and smoke themselves to death for peanuts while watching brain-rotting tv programs like CuntStreet, Ethnodale, Cum Dancing, Britian's Got No-hoper Deadbeats, In The JooCunts Den, and similar ant-nationalist, anti-hetrosexual, pro-homo-lessy-miscegenation Jerry Gayball/Shitelite-approved joo-made marxist programs.Fly on The Wall


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