Oscar 99 The humberside police helicopter.

I don’t have a problem with the Humberside police force, or the Oscar 99crew. Both have always been fine with me.

I do, however have a problem their political masters, who waste valuable taxpayers money, (have you any idea how much it costs to task one of our police helicopters?) In politically motivated false surveillance.

Video is available.


Sean Hadley.


7 thoughts on “Oscar 99 The humberside police helicopter.

  1. Anonymous

    I see German researcher Gunter Deckert has been imprisoned (see Truthseeker) As the writer says deny the divinty of Christ no problem deny the holocaust and its imprisonment ?!Truly we live in a Zionist/Marxist Europe.Whiteboar

  2. Anonymous

    In my opinion the main task of such heicopters is the persecution of small scale cannabis growers, who choose not to obtain their "pot" through criminal and "controlled" foreign sources, but choose to grow with artificial light, in their lofts!Leave them aone and track down the child rapers and economy wreckers.Oh yeah – label all halal or Kosher food..cos i dont want to subsidise cruelty to animals or religious perverts when I eat meat.Other than that = repatriate everybody, especially politicians! stop dual nationality and expose the crime of "banking"

  3. Anonymous

    Sean, what's the problem with my previous comments, I know you thought them funny is it because you don't think putting up my posts referring to the cops as pigs would endear you to the accomodating representatives of law and order?! LOLFly on Shit!


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