Please take the time to sign this important petition. Sgt. Danny Nightingale. SAS war hero jailed after ‘betrayal’.

To: Secretary of State for Defence Philip Hammond MP

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Campaign created by Pat Johnson
Dear Philip Hammond,

Sergeant Danny Nightingale, a war hero with 17 years service, has been unfairly sentenced to 18 months in military detention. He should be released immediately.

Why is this important?

Danny was convicted of illegally possessing a pistol which his trainees in the Iraqi army had given him as a gift in 2007. He planned to donate the pistol to his regiment but soon after had to return to the UK following the sudden deaths of two of his closest friends. His colleagues packed all his belongings, including the pistol, in boxes which remained unopened until 2010 when police searched his house while investigating a complaint made against his housemate.

In 2009, Danny collapsed while on a fund-raising trek in Brazil and incurred serious memory damage. During his court martial, expert witnesses said he probably had no memory that the gun was in his possession The prosecution praised Danny's character as being exemplary.

Despite this, a war hero has been imprisoned and his wife and children are now facing being evicted from their home.

He has been unfairly imprisoned. Please release him immediately.

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2 thoughts on “Please take the time to sign this important petition. Sgt. Danny Nightingale. SAS war hero jailed after ‘betrayal’.

  1. Anonymous

    The Ministry of Justice Corporation arsehole lawyer who advised Sgt. Nightingale to plead `guilty' should be publicly horse-whipped and slung in jail for twenty years of hard-labour without parole for deliberately failing to tell his client, Sgt. Nightingale, that he had a `Lawful Right' for possessing an unlicensed handgun, and that Article 7 of the English Bill of Rights 1689 confirms Sgt.Nightingale, as an Englishman, had and still has `Lawful Authority' to possess firearms.- solicitors, lawyers, barristers, judges all, are dishonorable lying corrupt cunts fit only for the noose-tie-drop.Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Looks like the Ministry Of Justice Corporation cunts have been studying Gri££in Watch comments because Law Lords Fulford (of the notorious Fucking Fulfords family), Judge and Bean, have released Sgt. Nightingale from detention but not quashed his conviction.Fly On The Wall


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