15 thoughts on “Donate Donate Donate.

  1. Anonymous

    Anyone know how big was the Myleen `Gormless' Guest tragic election train-crash disaster? – any frontally-labotomized Gri££inistas get out alive? (8Fly On The Wall

  2. Anonymous

    Gri££in Watch, request understood – but if you know Myleen try talking to her into seeing she's wasting her time, money and health in an unwinnable cause – though she doesn't know me, I've spoken to her extremely kindly at least three times, telling her she's do far better as standing as an Independent – she listened but was definitely confused and was under Gri££in's Svengali-like hypnotic spell. )8Regards,Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    I’ve met Guest a few times and I was stunned each time as to how a person could be full of that much pig-shit. People like her have kept the fat greasy con-man at the top. She is a moronic Gri££in sycophant with the brain the size of a walnut.

  4. Leona.

    Griffin watch says "wind your neck in fly" well hang on a minute how many times have you said yourselfe any one left in the bnp ect are traitors to Nationalism and other words to that afect. Fly has said it as it is, Marlene has been advised countless times about Griff Nicking and his bum wipers , she is fully aware of what has been going on at the top and has been for some time, Marlene could and should have stood as a independent not in the name of the toxic BNP and Griffin, any olne with hacing the strongest desire to help their community and Country would not have represented the dirty filthy scumbag Griffin. Marlene isnt the only one who has worked very hard Nationalism however it takes far greater inteligence and loyalty to Nationlism and your Country to walk away from corruption and takes a far greater person/persons to know that standing for the toxic BNP is in fact feeding the monster Griffin and linning his pockets. Its also a danger to Nationalism that Marlene continued to ignore the many warnings she was given and to continue in hbis name.


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