Philip Schofield reveals establishment paedophile list in T.V. shocker.

Text here:

“In what would have been an otherwise successful ambushing of the PM on This Morning, Philip Schofield handed Cameron a card with alleged Tory paedophiles written on the back of it. However he inadvertently twisted the card as it was handed over, revealing at least four printed names on the back of it. Two names are distinctly clear – Guido has blurred the image above – we have the broadcast quality footage where the names are readable. Uh oh…
UPDATE: We now believe we can see five names on the card.” 

Relevant link here:


6 thoughts on “Philip Schofield reveals establishment paedophile list in T.V. shocker.

  1. Anonymous

    I noticed on a forum the other night so called tories & labour were arguing whose paedo's were worse ! FFS Lets just home they start throwing shit at each other from across the chamber next week and this fucking corrupt cultist house of cards really does start to fall on its sword.

  2. Anonymous

    Leading Pestminster verminous parasite, common purpose cast-iron cunt Camoron, was unsuccessfully trying to cloud the tv discussion on paedo politicians, by swerving off at a tangent onto the subject of rectal reamers & creamers who arse-eyes referred to as `gays', when in fact they're pathetically sad individuals – by not scrutinsing the list jewboy Schofeld/field handed him, Camoron was deploying a standard strategy judges use daily, when they put written evidence face-down, in front of themselves and then disingenuously claim they can't see any evidence in front of them – it's typical jerwdickery trickery used against English/white race goys coming up against the parasitic long-eared, rubbery-lipped bulging-eyed banana-nosed Filthy Race.Fly On The Wall

  3. Anonymous

    Something sinister's going on – two blokes who said McAlpine had sexually abused them while they were in care homes, have both retracted their allegations against McAlpine -were they got at or are they both state puppets being used to discredit victims of Establishment paedophiles – the paedo plot thickens.Fly On The Wall


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