B.F.P. Website down.

D.D.O.S. attacks or defamation papers served?



2 thoughts on “B.F.P. Website down.

  1. Anonymous

    Bennett must be the most DDOS-ed man in the world. Remember Griffin's ""biggest Denial of Service attack in recorded history", quickly followed by an appeal for five grand? Yet again we had to get the truth from the Redshttp://lancasteruaf.blogspot.co.uk/2009/05/whodunnit.htmlBollucks to Bennett's bullshit. Simon Bennett? Special Branch.

  2. Anonymous

    Bennett is famous for this bullshit, he has fallen out with the BFP bosses over his use of their site to attack Dowson. He printed the usuall internet crap and gave Dowson his long awaited chance to sue the bolloks off of someone who has money…Weston. He has spat the dummy and pulled the sites inc Kev Carrolls in an attempt to put pressure on Dowson. Word is Dowson couldn't give a fxxck and is preparing to gut them in court.


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