And so the establishment paedophile cover-up plot thickens. William Hague.

“A Labour source whispers to Guido that Tom Watson is this week planning to attack William Hague over his handling of the North Wales child abuse scandal. Hague set up the Waterhouse Inquiry in 1996 when he was Welsh Secretary under John Major. The report eventually found no evidence of a paedophile ring in North Wales care homes, despite the testimony of hundreds of victims. Downing Street are this afternoon attempting to pre-empt the Watson strike by revisiting the Inquiry:

“Child abuse is a hateful crime. A senior figure will lead an independent investigation of claims of care home abuse in Wales, and will report urgently.”

No. 10 are said to be looking for a judge…
UPDATE: Watson has written to the Prime Minister alleging “a concerted establishment cover-up”.?” 

Hat tip to Odin.


6 thoughts on “And so the establishment paedophile cover-up plot thickens. William Hague.

  1. Anonymous

    Jim will fix it?Dowson tweeted this on October 27th and Goulding yesterday"Defamation can be costly as leaders of British Freedom Party will shortly find out. They are PERSONALLY liable for their website. Jim Dowson.""British Freedom Party website taken offline. Libel / defamation is a very serious matter. Liars beware! Paul Golding"

  2. Anonymous

    If William"i am straight" Hauge is not a closet turd tapper then my name is Bernie Bernsteinburg.Little Willys been in more dark mucky tunnels than a Virgin train!Inspector Blakey

  3. Anonymous

    William Hague is a homosexual. His marriage to Ffion was merely a marriage of convenience (she comes from a family of Welsh Establishment toadies).Hague used to take his 'boyfriends' to his apartment at the Welsh Office via the backdoor (excuse the pun!). The fact that this was an open secret is proof enough of the power of the Official Secrets Act.Hague was indeed the person who broke the news to the sexual degenerate Brittan that he was being shipped off to the EU as a commissioner because of his 'antics'.Fly on Shit!


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