The Jill Dando murder and Savile/establishment paedophiles.

Anonymous said…
“One thing ive always said Jill Dando was murdered by the establishment for investigating something. Barry George was just a useful person in the wrong place at the wrong time. TPTB will always find a usual patsy to fit the crime in the local area before they take someone out”

9 thoughts on “The Jill Dando murder and Savile/establishment paedophiles.

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you ….. We were encouraged to think that it was Jill's investigations into "The underworld" may have lead to her murder.It is far more likely that she was investigating paedophile procurement and was getting too close to important people.A few "celebrities" may be exposed by any investigations, but these will only be sacrifices to draw us off the scent.I sincerely believe that Saville was granted his knighthood and OBE for services rendered.baz

  2. Anonymous

    Is Mark Bridger still being held.Astonishing that every British paper for a week splashed all over their pages that he was charged and guilty and since absolutely fuck all.Are we meant to have forgotten about him.Why the sudden silence from April;s family with the fund also being set up.What the fuck is going on?

  3. Anonymous

    Anon @ 2012 17:35 – I wouldn't rule them out – some decades ago a man was found lying dead in the middle of a lonely country lane – the cause of his sudden demise was numerous bullet holes in his carcass – when the corpse's photo was published in the national newspapers the baloon-arsed shit-stabbing jewboy jazz singer, George (S)Melly said that, some days earlier, the now-dead guy had entered his jazz club and told Melly that the British seret/security services were after him and were going to kill him – Melly didn't take the guy seriously but the guy insisted his life was in danger – Melly probably thought the man was either mentally ill or a fantasist – if indeed a British security agency filled him in, it be interesting knowing what the dead guy knew that was so politically bad or so politically sensitive or embarrassing that the government needed him dead – anyone remember this case? – if so, what's your slant on that murder, which has never been solved to the present day.Fly On The Wall

  4. Anonymous

    I've been told prince Charlie has a personal "harem" amongst the "hunting set" so being a kiddie fiddler ?But surely MI5 would have warned the "Royal" family about Saville ?Yes the Jill Dando murder now falls into place ?Are there a minority in the establishment who are as sickened as we by these Zionist/Bolshevik perverts.If you're reading this give us more clues over 7/7Whiteboar

  5. Anonymous

    The senior investigating officer was Detective Chief Superintendent Brian Edwards, who also led the investigation into the death of Conservative MP, Stephen Milligan.

  6. Anonymous

    Nothing suprises me any more these days after looking into the 7/7 Theres a total media blackout on this and 9/11 which is the most suspicious and strange thing of all for me as regards these issues


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