Bilderberger Ken Clarke linked to Savile paedophile ring?

Ken Clarke attending the 2012 Bilderberg meeting.

“Marine Links BBC Savile’s Pedophile Handlers to Some Treasonous Bullingdon Wives United States Marine Field McConnell has linked Jimmy Savile’s pedophile handlers in the BBC to some Bullingdon Club alumni’s allegedly-treasonous wives, including the late Wallis Simpson wife of the late Duke of Windsor; the late Valerie Hobson wife of the late John Profumo, and the United Kingdom Prime Minister, David Cameron’s wife, Samantha Cameron (nee Sheffieldd).” SATURDAY, OCTOBER 20, 2012

Good find F.O.S., this nasty Savile business is even bigger than the Marc Dutroux scandal. I’ll wager a pound to a penny that some very high profile/rich deviant politicians/stars etc. are crapping their pants at this moment in time, as well they should be!

There will no doubt be D-Notices issued to the M.S.M.


2 thoughts on “Bilderberger Ken Clarke linked to Savile paedophile ring?

  1. Anonymous

    GW off the topic of the story but does anyone remember some years back in the BNP the high viz BNP vests and working in the community campaign ? I remember Griffin telling organisers to focus on Old peoples homes and now it all fits in ! Wheres theres a WILL theres a way,Griffins way.Old one was using activists to get to the well off eldery hoping to be included in the odd bequest the slimeball.

  2. Anonymous

    Unfortunately GW I don't think the high profile/rich deviant politicians/stars will be crapping themselves in the sense that they fear being exposed, but in the sense of who their co-abusers will offer up as an appeasement and to protect the majority of them.One interesting fact is also how these same elements are the ones pushing for censorship of the internet but they made no use of the internet themselves to carry out their activities. And make no mistake, there are many, many more people who are looking in and taking encouragement from your information knowing that it is 100% acurate is also being noted.Thank you GW and our community of fellow commenters, as Fly on the Wall has pointed out, the State are terrified of nationalists because we know what it is to be villified and persecuted in our struggle against the forces of darkness!Fly on Shit!


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