Has Youtube tried to hide the Jimmy Savile audio?

If Youtube has tried to hide the Jimmy Savile abuse audio, well it won’t happen, not on my watch!!!!!!!



9 thoughts on “Has Youtube tried to hide the Jimmy Savile audio?

  1. Anonymous

    All it takes is for just one journalist or one tabloid to have the guts and start going for it and naming the names.The cat is now out of the bag in all this after a coordinated effort for victims to come forward together.For those doubters who keep saying " Why have they only spoke out now after Savilles dead? " Then ask yourself this question,How many HAVE tried to come forward alone and speak out about these sick bastards and what happened to them ?????

  2. Anonymous

    Sort of off topic,but there again Satanism,child molestation,the Learned Elders and Talmudism go hand in hand.Interesting article on TRUTHSEEKER about a murel in East London that has upset Talmudic "jews".It appears to show International Bankers as "hook nosed jews" and linked to the new world order. Because the NWO are err…."hook nosed jews" (talmudics/khazars).The LEFT who are the defenders of Talmudism of course are up in arms.If the this had been an anti christian murel then of course it would have been ok.Its also ok to insult the prophet but not the "Jew" who is now sacrosanct.I hope those people involved stand their ground.Perhaps the grafiti artist could paint up some quotes from the Talmud such as its ok to molest children of the Goyim or perhaps Christ taking a whip to the money changers (all Talmudic jews)?Whiteboar

  3. Anonymous

    I still think there is something not right about this story :The brother of the former EastEnders actress found dead in a canal has admitted he killed her, the Old Bailey heard today. Tony McCluskie, 35, now faces a trial to determine whether Gemma McCluskie's death was murder or manslaughter, a judge said. Miss McCluskie vanished in March after attending the £650million opening of the new Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel, east London.A week later her butchered torso was found floating in the Regent's Canal, close to Hackney's famous Broadway Market. The 29-year-old's head was discovered in the Canal seven months later on September 9.

  4. Anonymous

    That eastenders actress sounds like she could be a victim of Jewish Ritual Murder-but of course that line of enquiry will never be pursued will it? That would be "anti-semetic" wouldnt it?!?!Tober Macrombie

  5. Anonymous

    Whiteboar, nothing off-topic about your comments/observation linking together Satanism, child molestation, the Learned Elders and Talmudism, and highlighting the truth that Mose's verminous parasitic hook-nosed money-changing usery tribe are quick in insulting Christians and the Christian religion yet start screaming "anti-semitism" "jew-haters" "halodabolhoax" "murder" "hava banana goyim" – er, "hava banana goyim" ??? – Oooops, I meant "hava nagila – when someone tells the truth about their filthy child-murdering kiddy-fiddling tribe – by the way, the BBC's resident in-house barely-house-trained black-arsed zionist shill, jamaicoon baboon, Clive Myrie, has been spouting pro-war-intervention anti-Syrian bollocks all day long, on BBC 24 TV news – also the thick baboon has been discussing gun crime, with (and I'm not making this up) a big, thick baboon of the africoon race – the second tree-swinger is so black he makes a lump of #9 coal look like it was a chunk of lightly-tanned limestone, I kid you not – and if you think two niggers having a philosophical academic public discussion on gun crime, a joke, the mumbling africoon baboon having `Professor' preceding his name, had me in stitches – he must've gained his professorship for crapping over the back garden fence rather than under the kitchen table, and for putting his pants on without slipping them over his head – if the pair of jungle bunnies had started rapping as Savile appeared, yodeling and smoking a foot-long cheroot, the scene would've been unremarkable for the Boy Bumming Club – to add further bizarreness to the incongruity of two coons discussing gun crime, later in the afternoon the BBC wheeled out an africoon sheboon, Claudia Webb of the Trident Advisory Committee (I swear on a mountain of bibles, I'm not making-up this BBC wog-shit) who waxed lyrically in typical nigger soft-rap-stuttering style as she tried shifting the blame for her black criminal race's gun crimes to the gun suppliers – it went clean over the thick sheboon's head that if criminal niggers didn't want or didn't use guns there'd be no gun suppliers – as for the Black Bastards Club 24 News channel reporting at great length, the death of Yash Chopra's death, who the fuck is Yash Chopra and who gives a fuck? – thought I heard mentioned `gollywood great' – if so, fucking unbelievable – the world's turning to shit and the jews are flushing Britain down the pan, and the BBC gives headlines to the death of an asian wog the English couldn't a give rat's arse about or that he's dead – also, at suitable intervals throughout most of the afternoon, the BBC (a kiddy-enriched environment for Establishment kiddy-fiddlers) wheeled-out their former Director, Greg Dyke the Kike, to downplay and divert damning criticism of the BBC's responsibility for Savile's criminal predation on underage boys and girls, and for the criminally negligent mishandling of subsequent events relating to Savile's five decades of crimes the BBC and all the MSM knew and remained silent about – jewbag Fester Rancid, too, on BBC TV 24 News was sweating buckets as she tried ducking and diving and swerving and sliding out of the firing line, blaming everyone else but herself for her failing to report Savile after dozens of kids told Rancid about being fiddled or fucked by Savile.Fly On The Wall

  6. Anonymous

    If those married Christians thought they had trouble with the Brampton bum bandits, they'll know what real trouble is when jewboy Gri££in and his girlfriend, Patricia Brown-Hatter-Harrington turn up, holding hands and try booking a single room with a single bed – chin, chin – bottoms up – wankers aweigh – golden rivet time.Fly On The Wall

  7. Anonymous

    What if fartblocker Griffin,turd tapper Harrington, AND fivebellies muck miner Martin Reynolds turn up at the hotel? the bed will come crashing through the floor and Reynolds will start asking all the other guests to crap in his face while he hands out his special turd pies!Tober Macrombie


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